Pohnpei State Executive Branch swearing in ceremony

swearing in

August 31, 2016
Kolonia, Pohnpei - The Executive Branch of the Pohnpei State Government held a swear-in ceremony for the newly appointed members of the Governor’s Cabinet as well as board members for State agencies within the Government.
Among the Cabinet initiates were State Attorney General Mr. Dana W. Smith, Pohnpei Housing Authority Executive Director Mr. Paulino T. Lambert and Pohnpei State Election Commissioner Mr.Emilio Eperiam.
The newly appointed members of the Pohnpei Board of Education that were sworn-in today included Mr. Franky Edward, Mrs. Alice Ehmes, Mr. Joab Santos and Mr. Grilly Jack. Mrs. Lynn Narruhn, Mr. Bensile Enicar, Mr. Paul James, Ms. Brenda Hadley and Mr. Oltrick Santos were sworn in as members of the Board for the Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation.
Mrs. Cynthia Ehmes was sworn in as the newest member of the Pohnpei Utilities Corporation Board of Directors.
Mr. Valentine Santiago was sworn in as the last member of the Board of the Pohnpei Environmental Protection Agency.
In in congratulatory remarks, Governor Marcelo K. Peterson urged all those who were sworn into uphold their oaths of office to the highest standard. He stressed the idea that all positions in an organization or office hold extreme importance and responsibility. He also gave a special welcome to Attorney General Dana Smith stating that “monumental change is possible if we work together”.
After the Governor’s remarks, all the sworn-in members received Certificates of Appreciation from the Government for their willingness to serve the people in their appointed offices and capacities.
Mr. Eperiam and Mr. Santiago both volunteered to convey their appreciation on behalf of all the newly sworn-in members of Cabinet and Boards. Mr. Eperiam asked for support and cooperation from all those present to ensure successful and productive results