Huge fish swim in for the Matson fishing tournament

fishingBy Bill Jaynes
August 20, 2016
Pohnpei, FSM—Lightning flashed and thunder rolled during the early morning hours of the Matson Fishing Tournament but for some competitors it was apparently perfect fishing weather.
No records were broken but some huge fish were landed, including Westcott Panuelo’s 366.2 pound marlin. The fish was so big that it bent the “S hook” on the scale and dumped the marlin, beak first into the Mangrove Bay dock and then into the water. A new scale had to be brought in along with tall ladders in order to read the scale, and now there’s a nice new hole in the Mangrove floating dock.
Westscott won the largest fish competition hands down. He walked away with the $700 prize along with the monster marlin he had caught.
Alex Tretnoff also brought in a beautiful marlin that was 143 pounds and took home both the marlin and $400 dollars in cash for the second prize.
Jeff Aingemea reeled in a HUGE yellow fin tuna. The 120.4 pound fish won him third place for biggest fish and a $300 cash prize. He was fishing aboard the Mr. Tip Sea, the same boat on which Panuelo landed his huge marlin.
Marcela Hawley was fishing aboard “Salt Life” and grabbed a 92.4 pound Yellow Fin tuna for the $200 fourth prize on the biggest fish category.
Several fishers boated big yellow fin tuna. During any other tournament, those big fish might have netted them a prize but not during this tournament.
Matson also awarded a $100 prize for the biggest of each species of fish caught during the tournament.
Marcela Hawley won for her 14.8 pound Skip Jack tuna. Kimo Phillip won for his 31.5 pound Wahoo. Welber David won the prize for his 12.1 pound Barracuda, and Alex Tretnoff won that prize for his 15 pound Mahi Mahi.
Dane Nighswander, ever the gallant Junior Angler, won a $50 prize in that category for his 12.3 pound Wahoo.
The tournament was sponsored by Matson and Amcres.