Pohnpei True Value Tournament nets some big fish and some just slightly underweight

fish tournament

Pohnpei Fishing Club
October 16, 2016
Pohnpei, FSM—For most of the day, it was dark and stormy but the hard core anglers couldn’t be kept away from the Pohnpei True Value fishing tournament. 16 boats registered for the tournament and most had good catches. Every registered boat received a case of “Natural Light” beer.
The tournament was mainly a “big fish” tournament. Prizes were available for “lady anglers”. Since the ladies won the second, third, and fourth prizes for the biggest fish caught, and because of the “one prize per fish rule”, there was no need to award the “lady angler” prizes.
Konrad Englberger landed a 227.3 pound Marlin. That fish earned him a five piece outdoor furniture set valued at $2,485.
Marla Rospeihn Hawley landed the second biggest fish, another marlin, this one weighing 159.4 pounds. For that she won 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner valued at $795.
Mary Tretnoff also had a marlin that weighed 129.2 pounds. She won a washing machine valued at $725.95

Denise Etscheit had a really nice 103.6 pound yellow fin tuna and won a $600 gas grill for her efforts.
All of the big fish winners also received a $10 phone card from FSM Telecommunications Corporation.
Pohnpei True Value also awarded prizes for the largest fish of each species. Each of those prize winners won $100 plus a $10 phone card from FSM Telecommunications Corporation.
Ryan Hawley won the prize for the biggest yellowfin that had not already been awarded a prize. His was 93.5 pounds. Tony Manuel nabbed the largest Mahi Mahi at 12.8 pounds. The biggest Skip Jack tuna was caught by Hilarko David. It weighed a nice 17.6 pounds. Tony Manuel caught a 16.3 pound Barracuda.
fish tournament 02There was a tie for the biggest wahoo. Both Tony Manuel and Konrad Englberger caught 25.6 pound “twins”. They both received the prize for largest in species.
Dane Nighswander caught his first ever sailfish. At 38.8 pounds it won him a $75 True Value Gift Certificate under the Junior Angler category. Junior Spencer grabbed both second and third prizes in the category for his 15.4 pound and 13.7 pound Wahoos. He earned a $50 and a $25 gift certificate for True Value.
Other marlin were caught during the tournament but they were under 100 pounds and did not count. The club set that minimum weight in order to improve conservation. Some discussion has been opened about how the club could further that conservation effort.
Many thanks to Bill, Tina, Cel and everyone else from True Value who helped set up and prepare all the food and the weigh in site. We want to thank Pohnpei Port Authority for allowing us to use their portable dock.
Also, we thank True Value and all of their additional sponsors. True Value has sponsored us for 21 years and we couldn’t be more grateful.
The next Pohhnpei Fishing Club tournament and the last for 2016 will be the Budweiser tournament on November 12.