Pohnpei students speak out on UN Strategic Development Plans

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
October 24, 2016
Palikir, Pohnpei—On the day of the celebration of United Nations Day, the Pohnpei Youth Council held an awards show at the College of Micronesia FSM China Friendship gym in Palikir.
The show which included performances by several singing groups including the ever popular Youth for Change group was held in order to present awards to the winners of a competition for high school and college students. Students made artistic and writing submissions on the subject of any one of the 17 Sustainable Development goals agreed to at that United Nations.
For high school students there were three categories, poetry, art, and song. College students could complete in an essay contest.

After the Pohnpei Youth Council met with representatives from six high schools school those schools submit their top five entries for each of the three categories.
The judges for the contest were H.E. George Fraser, Australian Ambassador; Ms. Eliza Woolcock, Second Secretary, Australian Embassy; Ms. Yumei Gao, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; Ms. Chikako Miwa, Embassy of Japan; Mr. Kennedy Nedlic, Red Cross; Ms. Elizabeth Neason, Acting Country Director, US Peace Corps; Ms. Jessi Libbing, WHO; and Mrs. Semileen Jano of the Micronesia Conservation Trust.
The United Nations Development Project provided gift certificates to Micronesia Computer Supply for the individual winners and also for the high school with the most award winners. Individual winners received a $200 gift certificate for first prize, a $150 gift certificate for second prize, a $100 gift certificate for third prize and a $50 gift certificate for honorable mentions. Pohnpei SDA School had the most individual winners and received a $1200 gift certificate also to Micronesia Computer Supply.
Micronesia Productions provided gift certificates for Ace Hardware to each of the six participating high schools in what seemed to be a strange amount. Patrick Blank explained that the strange amount $94 and change is exactly the price of three basketballs at Ace Hardware which is what the gift certificates are intended to be use for.
Other sponsors were Pohnpei State Social Affairs, COM-FSM, and Youth 4 Change

Essay: (COM Students)
1st: Keoni Musrasrik
2nd: Fritz Mihkel
3rd: Emelisse Jan Santos
Honorable Mention: Shawn Walter, Reginalt Joseph
1st: Tulau Overhoff (OLMCHS)
2nd: Alliyah Tecson (SDA)
3rd: Chelsea Hetiback (OLMCHS)
Honorable Mention: Tyler Nanpei (OLMCHS), Alliyah Tecson (SDA)

contest 02
1st: Jessica Dominique Villanueva (CCA)
2nd: Soke Cantero (SDA)
3rd: Keilani Welles (CCA)
Honorable Mention: Alliyah Tecson (SDA), Movanski M. Camacho (PICS)
1st: OLMCHS Junior Class
2nd: Celyan Hebel (NMHS)
3rd: Madonna Luther, Isabella Route, Marmelihna Soukon (NMHS)
Honorable Mention: Lighthouse (SDA), Trudy Orlando & Lynngineth Isiel (MHS)