Rotary Club of Pohnpei raises over $11,000 through Quiz night and other efforts

rotary clubRotary Club of Pohnpei
November 5, 2015
Pohnpei, FSM—With the help of its many sponsors and the people who attended the annual Rotary Quiz Night at Cupid’s Bar and Grille on Saturday, November 5, the Pohnpei Rotary Club was able to raise over $11,000.
The money raised goes to support the many projects in which Rotary is involved.
For 2016-2017 the club awarded $11,250.00 in scholarships to local students to help their college education.
The Rotary Club put up a solar power system on Sapwalap school that now saves them immensely on their power bills and creates a better school environment.
The Club just supported 12 elementary schools to enter the Scripps Spelling Bee, which is an international competition. The winners from Pohnpei get to go to Guam for the next round.
Last year the playground at the Pohnpei Public Library was finished with Rotary contributions.
The Rotary Quiz Night attracted a huge crowd. 24 tables of contestants fought it out. The questions, which were flashed on three big screens, tested everyone’s knowledge of useless trivia. Organizers struggled mightily to come up with obscure and inane questions, but people still knew which Rocky movie it was where Rocky fought the big Russian, and were able to provide the name of the building where FSM Finance is located.
The competition was neck and neck, but Dylan Berns, Chis (Johnny) O’Keefe, Rachel Weinheimer, Alyson Gombas, Leo Falcam, Jr. and Joey Diamanti, the team members at Table 21 were able to hang on for the win. They each won $100.00 in cash donated by Bank of Guam.
Everyone who participated at the Quiz Night went home with at least one prize of some sort no matter how well or how poorly they did, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.
Besides the Quiz Night admission price of $10, there were other fundraising activities as well. United Airlines graciously donated two round trip tickets to anywhere in Micronesia and Asia. Club members sold raffle tickets to the general public. The drawing was held during the Quiz Night. The lucky winners were Sammy Moses and Majella Walsh.

There were many other raffles and prizes offered. Everyone left with a smile on their faces.
Another “outside” fundraising event was a race at the PICS Track on the afternoon of Friday, November 3, 2016 between Wayne Bricknell and Joey Diamanti. The two had a 30 meter footrace. They had agreed that the loser would donate $500 to Rotary. Wayne Bricknell arrived in his own “ambulance” and raced barefoot while wearing a hospital gown. Diamanti got off to a bit of a slow start after the whistle sounded and was only just slightly behind Bricknell when Wayne took a spectacular fall close to the start line. Diamanti cruised to the finish line alone. It was all in good fun and Bricknell isn’t saying if he staged the fall or not. Perhaps we’ll never know. He graciously made the contribution with a sneaky little smile on his face.
Chris (Johnny) O’Keefe donated a signed Wallabies jersey that was auctioned off during the Quiz Night raising another $600.00.
Please support our generous sponsors who made the fund raising evening a great success. They were: United Airlines, Bank of Guam, Ace Hardware, Ace Office Supply, Australian Embassy, Bank of FSM, Blue Nile, Caroline Islands Airline, The College of Micronesia-FSM, Caroline Fisheries Corporation, CTSI, Laidenki Dolphin Divers, Dateline, Pohnpei Hardware , Drops of Life, En’s Seven Star, Etscheit Enterprises, Genesis, LP Gas, MERIP, Paradise Pearls, J&G Car Rental, Moylan’s Insurance, Napa Auto Parts, Perfume & Things, FSM Petroleum Corporation, Pohnpei Surf Club, Pohnpei Transfer & Storage, Palm Terrace, The Ivory Nut House, FSM Telecommunications Corporation, Rusty Anchor, True Value, Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, Building Solutions, Inc. , The Honorable Peter Christian, MRAG, MRA, Joy Hotel, Kaselehlie Press, Pohnpei Fishing Club, Good News Press, Ambros Inc./ Shimbros, Chris (Johnny) O’Keefe, Jade Ford, Postmaster General Ginger Mida, Cupid’s Bar and Grille.
The Rotary Club wants to thank everyone who helped out, especially all of the Rotary members and the friends of Rotary who assisted just for the fun, all the staff at Cupids, and especially Chris and Julius.
Other projects are ongoing, and the Rotary Club of Pohnpei is always looking for new projects.