Math Seminar held in Yap by JICA Volunteers

mathA Math Seminar supported by JICA was held from October 19 to 21, 2016 in Yap. The purpose of the seminar was to find effective and specific procedures for “Lesson Study” to spread throughout the FSM. Lesson Study is a cycle that consists of “Pre-Lesson”, “Open Class”, and “Post- Lesson”, and originated in Japan. Pre- Lesson means to practice for simulating Open Class with teachers. Open Class, other classrooms/schools teachers come to one classroom and observe how a presenter teaches. After that, in Post-Lesson, all participants discuss and reflect about the Lesson.
JICA volunteers and their Counter-Part teachers tried to implement Lesson Study in each state level because it is one of the good ways to improve teaching skills and strategies through discussing and sharing ideas with teachers. Yap is the only state that has already held Lesson Study in their state level. Therefore, the Seminar was held in Yap to think about Lesson Study for the future.
Through this seminar, they observed the Lesson Study presented by 7th grade teacher Viviana Tinnigig in Colonia Middle School and had a workshop for Yap teachers in order to introduce some of the advantages of Lesson Study.
Some teachers said that Lesson Study was important because students would benefit more. Students were our first priority. We need to find ways to improve student learning.
To implement Lesson Study, JICA volunteers and teachers will cooperate together to develop for the future students.
The facilitators were JICA volunteers (Ryo Hasegawa from Kolonia Elementary School in Pohnpei, Ayumi Suzuki from Nett Elementary School in Pohnpei, Ikumi Yamaguchi from Ohmine Elementary School in Pohnpei, Eriko Shibata from Lelu Elementary School in Kosrae, Tomoaki Fujiwara from Gaanelay Rull Community School in Yap). The participants were Jimmy Gallen from Kolonia Elementary school; Kevin Ponapart from Nett Elementary School; Jessica Nanpei from Ohmine Elementary School; Tulen Peter from Kosrae State; DOE Math specialist, Ginny Fenenigog from Yap; DOE Math Specialist, Viviana Tinnigig from Colonia Middle School; Helen Leebey from Gaanelay Rull Community School, Naty Flowan’ from Gaanelay Rull Community School, and other Yap teachers