13th Annual Budweiser Tournament cold but “fish-ful”


Pohnpei Fishing Club
November 12, 2016
Pohnpei, FSM—For the 13th year in a row, Budweiser and Ambros/Shimbros sponsored the Annual Budweiser Fishing Tournament of the Pohnpei Fishing Club.
Anglers who braved the rain, and the wind were rewarded with an excellent day of fishing, albeit a cold one.
21 boats signed up to challenge the elements including seven guest fishermen from Majuro who fished aboard two charter boats. It was a first for the club, and we want to continue to make Pohnpei an international fishing destination.
Seven qualifying marlin were landed, but there were only so many prizes to go around. The tournament’s main prizes were for the Catch 5 tourney. In a Catch 5, your boat has to catch one fish from each of the following species: Billfish, Yellowfin or other tuna, Skip Jack, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo.
A qualifying marlin must be 100 pounds or over and 50 pounds or over for a sailfish.
Only one boat, Miss Yirwor caught all five species and won the grand prize of $400.00.
There was also a separate prize for the biggest fish in each species. The following are the prizes and winners. We even had a win by Rich Angyal, a guest angler from Oregon,.
Most Species:
5 species Miss Yirwor - Angie Tretnoff, First Prize - $400.00
4 species: Salt Life - Oliver Hawley, Second Prize - $300.00
3species Niquisa - Benjamin Peterson, Third prize won on weight - $150.00
Biggest Fish in each species:
Marlin - Naihila Peterson- 216.1 lb - $100.00
Yellow Fin - Tommy Reiher - 107.8lb - $100.00
Wahoo - Ferny Perman -36.1lb - $100.00
Mahi Mahi - Snyther James -13.9lb - $100.00
Skip Jack - Rich Angyal -16.3lb - $100.00
Visibility was difficult. One boat got lost and didn’t return by the close of the weigh in. They activated their EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio- Beacon) initiating rescue operations. All crew members safely returned to Mangrove Bay by about 8:30 in the evening after rescue operations were implemented.
Congratulations to all the winners. Many thanks to Budweiser, Ambros, Inc.,/ Shimbros . Each registered boat received free t-shirts and a case of Bud. “This Bud’s for you,” was what a lot of fishermen said when they got back and went to warm up.
We want to thank the captain and crew of Bavaria for donating their marlin to the Pohnpei Hospital. Lots of people can get fed from that beast.
Many thanks to all the people that helped, Tina, Bill, Jade, Kumer’s guys, and Uta for the library. We can’t do it without you. The barbecue once again went to support the Pohnpei Public Library.
This is the last tournament of the year. The Annual General Meeting will take place in January at a date and time to be announced.