MCT hosts US delegation and local stakeholders to discuss Pohnpei-wide Mangrove Vulnerability Assessment


On Monday, November 14th the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT) hosted a delegation from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) at the Care Micronesia Foundation’s Conference Center. The goal of this meeting was for local stakeholders to meet our guests and for MCT to further disseminate information about the ongoing Pohnpei island-wide Mangrove Vulnerability Assessment. Visitors from USFWS and USGS were Chris Swenson (FWS), Mary Abrams (FWS), Greg Koob (FWS), Sheldon Pletovich (FWS) and Dr. Zhiliang Zhu (USGS). Local stake holders represented the Conservation Society of Pohnpei, The Nature Conservancy, USDA NRCS, Island Food Community of Pohnpei, RARE, and Micronesian Productions.
Since the beginning of 2016, MCT has been working with the Pohnpei State Government, Sokehs Municipal Government, Conservation Society of Pohnpei (CSP), The Nature Conservancy, USFWS, USGS, USFS, Dr. Steven Crooks, the University of Hawaii Hilo, the University of Tasmania, DOI Office of Insular Affairs, Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative and community partners to implement the Increasing Resilience of Micronesia’s Mangroves: Pohnpei Pilot Project. The project involves a number of components including scientific research and support, developing an island wide vulnerability assessment for mangroves, identification of mangrove management actions, assessing the feasibility of marketing carbon credits and sharing the project results with other jurisdictions. The project supports the work of the Micronesian Challenge and builds local capacity to identify and implement viable management options for increasing mangrove resilience.
The pilot project will start in Pohnpei with the community of Peidie, on Sokehs Island, a community that has many dredge sites and is concerned about the health of their mangrove forests. Mangroves are important for many reasons including acting as a nursery for small fish, protecting against shoreline erosion, and resilience against storms and tidal surges. For more information on this project please contact the Conservation Society of Pohnpei at 320-5409 or email the CSP Director Mr. Eugene Joseph at cspdirector@