Letter to the Editor : President Trump

DEC 2016

Dear Editor:
Were you as shocked as I was in knowing the outcome of the United States presidential election? The victory of Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton!
I had never monitored any United States elections as closely as the November 08, 2016. I followed it meticulously considering the character and moral values of this candidate running for the highest office in the United States of America as an outsider. By saying outsider because he has never held any position in the government but he is successful businessman as a billionaire. As many political experts pointed out, it was an unprecedented election in the history of the United States.
The most qualified candidate ever lost to the least qualified candidate. The winner of the election lost all three presidential debates. The polls were way off the predicted numbers. Most of his influential party members abandoned him in the final days of the campaign, he still managed to win. His campaign rhetoric was so nasty but he came out as the winner. Despite his victory, he was the first major party presidential candidate in modern history who did not file his tax returns.

Many of the campaign issues that he raised were divisive, weird, unproductive, unimaginable, illegal and unconstitutional as well and whether his issues can survive and work in this globalization era that we all share in dealing with terrorism, trade, foreign policy, unity amongst the diverse population in the United States and so forth are the core basis of my interest to monitor the election closely. This is his campaign motto, “Make America Great Again” or in his other words, “America First”.
Listening to his rhetoric and considering the motto of his campaign overwhelmingly disturbed my conscience and just scared the hell out of me. During the election as I was watching the election results and Trump surpassed Hilary and exceeded above the 200 Electoral College, I took time out hoping that when I got back on, Hilary would lead again. Then, my daughter living in Oregon chatted to me on face book informing me Trump had over run the 270 Electoral College votes. It was so depressing as well as devastating.
We have had a great relationship with the United States of America since the inception of the Compact of Free Association on November 03, 1986 under the leadership of Republican President Reagan. When its renegotiation took place in the early part of the 2000 during another Republican President Bush, although there was a deal mutually agreed upon by both parties extending the term of five years longer than the original compact, the provisions of the compact, as amended, are not as friendly and harmonious with the establishment of another layer of scrutiny called JEMCO and the termination of the economic provision in 2023.
On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated and become the 45th President of the United States of America. Thereafter going onward comes my worse fear. How will his presidency affect or have an impact on the Federated States of Micronesia or us? The Supplemental Education Grant as has presumed by many as part of the economic provision of the Compact of Free Association which is actually not is subject to the U. S Congressional appropriation for the 20 years period of this compact. Both the Houses of Representative and Senate will be controlled by the Republican Party starting on January 20 inclusive of the Oval Office. Assuming the President requests the members of the House and the Senate to stop appropriating this grant and such is approved; imagine how this scenario will totally paralyze our educational system which utilizes 100% of the funding. This is in excess of 2.5 million dollars for Phone State alone. Most of the federal grants if not all are subject to the Executive Branch of the United States of America’s blessing. With the “America First” pledge, will these grants change under President Trump? We have a lot of brothers and sisters living in the United States currently eligible for some sorts of assistance and benefits, how will their lives be like in President Trump’s America? One thing that I am certain will stop as he repeatedly mentioned on the campaign trail is America’s payment into the Climate Change Fund. Being one of the major donors will surely affect the small island nations like us in the Pacific. How will the other industrialized nations being the major players in this effort to fight climate change react to his action? The image of the United States as well as its influence in the world is critical to us, the small island nations when dealing with climate change. If you recall the Al Gore and George W. Bush presidential election in 2000, Gore was a champion of climate change whereas Bush was not. Bush won two consecutive elections and importance of addressing climate change during the early years was stalled for eight years as no leaders from the developed nations would like to address such a sensitive matter. It was an in their faces issue and no one would like to admit it. When Obama took office in 2008 and again in 2012, respectively, the results of his efforts in challenging world leaders to fight climate change bring us to where we are today. Climate change is real and world leaders from the industrialized nations are seriously doing their roles in combating climate change. Hilary Clinton, a democrat like Obama, vowed to continue Obama’s legacy regarding climate change. I take off my hat to President Obama in recognition and admiration of a true leader not only to the United States but the world. Republican Trump, on the other hand, promised to stop America’s payment on day one of his presidency. He continuously blames China for it. You know why, he is a contributor to climate change. The United States under the stewardship of Donald Trump not advocating climate change as a priority on the world stage is a likelihood for world leaders to dump this subject of climate change taking us back to square one. Finally and the most important matter for the FSM States’ survivability under the compact, the economic provision under the Compact of Free Association will expire in 2023 while every context of it remains moving forward. I have a strong feeling that our leadership in the National Government will collectively, on behalf of all the FSM people, resume bilateral discussion at our request on the economic provision of the compact one more time before the end of 2021. What is our likelihood of success in Trump’s presidency? Our National government must start strategizing and act fast to learn firsthand how to deal with this monster. I said monster because of his rhetoric of divisiveness and hatred on the campaign trail which I believe the American voters supported that brought him to triumph. His success in delivering his campaign promises will miserably hit us in some sorts both for our brothers and sisters abroad and here at home.
Ausen T. Lambert

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