JAA-Pohnpei Chapter Waste Survey Activity at Nett Point

wasteOn November 11, 2016, the JAA -Pohnpei Chapter officers and several members conducted a Waste Survey activity at Nett Point. They were assisted by the COM-FSM Japanese Micronesia group of students led by Ms. Miki Fritz, Nett Municipal Government, Pohnpei EPA, JICA Volunteers, and the Palikir Community. The purpose of the waste survey was to collect information from a site that is most filled with garbage. Nett Point was identified as an area in Pohnpei to be profusely filled with garbage. Hence, the JAA-Pohnpei Chapter Officers had convened and planned for the activity prior to November 11 on October 21, 27, and November 2,2016.
Special guest of the day was Japan Ambassador to the FSM, His Excellency, Ryiochi Horie who briefly observed before fulfilling another commitment elsewhere. JICA Resident Representative Shinji Shibata and JAA-FSM President Simpson Abraham participated in the activities of the day.
At Nett Point, JAA-Pohnpei Chapter officers and members engaged in collecting trash along the roadside, segregating them, and then counting them by waste type. Among the types of waste found at Nett Point, Plastics ranked high on the list followed by foam items such as foam cups and plates. A total of 100 trash bags were collected and disposed at the Dekehtik dumpsite thereafter. Each participant was given a pair of gloves and a trash bag. One of the highlights of this activity was installing two "No Litter" signs on the roadside and on the beach. The signs were designed through collaborative efforts of JICA, OEEM, and EPA and printed by Arts and Craft.
After the segregating of waste types and counting of each waste type, JICA Volunteer Yuki Umehera and EPA officers Francisco Celestine and Alfred David conducted a demonstration on reusing plastic shopping bags to create a basket, reusing plastic bottles to create a mosquito trap, and reusing chips plastic bags to create a tote bag. The purpose of the demonstration was to create awareness of the three R's concepts: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Followed by the demonstration was lunch provided by Genesis Hospital. JAA-Pohnpei Chapter would like to thank the Japan Government for its continuous support to FSM in Waste Management activities. ARIGATO:)