Letter to the Editor: Petrol Prices

Dear Editor:
Did you know that the FSM Petroleum Corporation has twice reduced its prices for the petroleum products it sold to the Gas Stations?
The first reduction was 15 cents and the subsequent one was equally in similar amount translating to a 30 cents overall reduction. In doing such a generous approach, the FSM Petroleum Corporation respectfully challenged management of the pump stations to pass on the same rate reduction to the customers which is the general public or all of us. This is the advantage of our five governments in the nation owning the corporation. I thank you PetroCorp for such an act living up to your resolute obligation. This corporation has a role in making sure that the price of its services is not burdensome to the people as I pointed out in my previous letter to you as published in the newspaper. It is an obligation for all our public corporations’ long unforgotten purpose to undertake to benefit the people they serve. The plea of our FSM Corporation to the pump stations is to reduce their prices by the same amount it sold to them was an unprecedented or unheard tradition of business dealings. The challenge made by our corporation to the managements of the pump stations to reduce their prices at the same amount is presumably a strong indication that the pump stations are making tremendous profits. Otherwise such challenge would not be a feasible business practice imposed externally. The prices of a gallon of gasoline at the pump stations then were $3.95 to $4.00 inclusive of their markups.

Taking into consideration the above reductions, are these the prices you are actually paying when filling cars at the pump stations?
In and around Pohnpei at this point and the time of this writing, there are lights of varied colors plinking and shining from houses and businesses alike thus filling within each one of us the spirit of Christmas. We are approaching the season of giving where schools, offices and families exchange gifts and so as the businesses getting together to celebrate the birthday of anniversary of Jesus Christ our savior. It is also a time when the businesses traditionally offered discounted rated, some at a minimal and others at a larger extent. It is time to give the 30 cents cost-reduction to your customers as token of your gratefulness for their relentless purchases taking place on a daily basis. But the utmost importance of all in the name of humanity caring for one another, be as considerate and generous as much as possible at this time of giving, as you may know the prices of some of the imported commodities form petroleum products, groceries, housing materials, pharmaceuticals and you name it are extremely too excessive. I can tell you, there are markups as high as 300 percent.
I have written a number of letters on important goods including petroleum products as I think I am quite aware of what is going on. No one seems to care about these immoral occurrences. Nevertheless, I am thankful enough though, for there are certain commodities in which their rates have dropped reasonably if we were to compare their prices to the past years. There is fairly space for improvement and I mean it can further slash working together and helping each other for the good of all humanities young and old, poor and rich, this is piously the name of the game. For these prices reductions, I must thank the business community of Pohnpei and most especially the ones that initiated the discounts leading the others to ultimately follow-suit in the reduction of the rates we have at hand today keep up the good work.
As I have mentioned again and again, I am not pointing finger or rather the kind of person who wants to offend or hurt the feelings of another human being. I m one those who doesn’t want to offended or hurt. I personally wish to bring up these issues for us to collectively think about and hopefully a better outcome will shine at the end of the day. Let us continue to work together helping one another for the good of all of us but not just a certain group.
Respectfully submitted,
Ausen T. Lambert

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