The FSM gets ready for the Green Climate Fund

climate fund

The national inception workshop for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Program for the FSM was held in Pohnpei State, from November 21 to 24, 2016. The workshop was attended by the key stakeholders for climate change from the four States including the traditional leaders and dignitaries from both the national and state governments. Lieutenant Governor of Pohnpei State, Honorable Reed B. Oliver, gave an invigorating welcoming address and referred to the recently released documentary on climate change. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunities offered by the Fund, especially as a way to bypass the ‘climate change deniers’, and urged participants to keep engaged with the task of reducing emissions and increasing resilience of communities in the FSM, beyond the workshop. On the closing day of the workshop, the Honorable Sihna Lawrence, Secretary of Finance and the designated GCF National Designated Authority (NDA) gave an inspiring yet cautious closing address.

She highlighted both the opportunities and challenges not only in accessing the fund, but also in managing the funds, once accessed. In particular, she stressed that both national and state governments need to continue mainstreaming climate change into the FSM education system as well as in other major sectors for development. She further highlighted that institutional and regulatory reforms are needed “to enhance our ability to maintain a green and clean culture within our societies” and “build a climate resilient environment to complement our development efforts.” The GCF is expected to become the main global fund for financing climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in vulnerable nations like the FSM and other Pacific island countries. It aims to channel billions of dollars to back country programs and projects that deliver “transformational impact” towards low- emission and climate-resilient development. The workshop was well attended and it was able to deliver on its outcome in engaging stakeholders in the opportunities and challenges at the FSM-GCF readiness phase.

The next few months, will involve additional consultations with the States as well as with the private sector and non-governmental organizations in the development of the FSM Country Program Strategic plan to access GCF resources. The organizers would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiastic engagement throughout the three and half days, and commend each State delegation for including a representative from their respective women’s organisations. For more information on the Fund visit: . For more information on the FSM Readiness Program, contact Kensley Ikosia/Belinda Hadley at 320-5852