Muslims of Micronesia welcome the new year by giving back

muslimsThe members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, whose motto is “Love for All Hatred for None”, launched various programs this year to help welcome the new year by giving back. One special program this year themed “Beautify Kosrae” was launched in which Muslims volunteered their time and provided materials to paint 6 homes scheduled to be completed before January 1st as a welcome to all those visiting this year on the occasion of the fourth year anniversary program which calls many Kosraean’s back to their homes for this holiday season. Similarly, the Ahmadiyya Muslims of Kosrae received nearly 100 outfits of Indian style garments for women which were sent by their Muslim counterparts residing in southern California to bring cheers this year to the Kosraeans belonging to all faiths. They have been sorted and scheduled to be distributed throughout Kosrae.

For these programs this year the community focused their effort solely in the municipality of Malem, where the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is currently based. Many of those who were selected were neighbors, widows, and people of all faiths. “We hope to expand this program to help further beautify Kosrae in the coming years”, says the Religious Minister of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of FSM Imam Kauser. “The Ahmadiyya Community has already been providing food services to the state prison every Friday as a way to support rehabilitation for those in need. We will continue to find ways to help humanity, as our belief is simply to serve God and to serve people of all faiths”.