Amplifying the voice of youth in Pohnpei to live a drug free life

JAN 2017

Micronesian Productions, in conjunction with a Canada Fund for Local Initiatives grant, is working to amplify the voices of women and youth in Pohnpei. In the month of December, the youth of Pohnpei are focusing on the benefits of living a drug free life. Around the holidays, when youth are out on vacation, they tend to use and abuse alcohol and tobacco and need to hear good reasons why not to use these substances. High school students from around the island in the Upward Bound program were asked to write personal statements about living a drug free life and record them for their peers. These statements were playing on 89.5FM Paradise Radio and are posted to YouTube under the Micronesian Productions channel. Around 70 UB students recorded messages for their peers to hear good reasons why not to use drugs.
In addition to the messages, Micronesian Productions was able to help sponsor the annual Holiday Hoops Basketball Tournament that COMFSM holds for high school boys and girls teams. A total of 15 teams registered for this year’s tournament including a boys and girls team from Xavier High School. At the opening ceremony on December 19th at the FSM-China Friendship Gymnasium, a video on betel nut, produced by Micronesian Productions through a
WHO grant through the FSM Tobacco Office was played, and two UB students read their statements to the crowd of over 100 youth present. Then, before the championship games were held, the UB students from PICS High School, Madolenihmw HS, and NMHS all performed songs about living a drug free live and staying away from alcohol and tobacco.
Many thanks goes out to Castro Joab and his staff at COMFSM for playing the recordings of the UB students before every game and to UB Director Diaz Joseph and his staff for coordinating the participation of the UB students in these events. The tournament was a big success in terms of being a drug free event and congratulations to SDA boy’s and PICS girl’s teams for winning both championship games. The results of the tournament were: Girls Results: Champions - PICS 2nd Place – SDA, and 3rd Place – OLMCHS. Boys Results: Champions – SDA, 2nd Place - ABC(CCA), and 3rd Place – NMHS. The video of this singing performance and some of the UB student testimonies can be seen on ICTV channel 18.