Governor Officially Designates Co-Chairs, Reorganizes 2018 MicroGames Organizing Committee

COLONIA, Yap (Civic Affairs)
On December 29, 2016, the Office of the Governor transmitted a memorandum to the Yap State Leadership. The memorandum shared the official designation of co-chairs for the 9th Micronesian Games Organizing Committee, as well as the reorganization of the Committee.
Governor Tony Ganngiyan, in his memo, shared with the State Leadership that— after convoking with Speaker Ted Rutun, FSMNOC Secretary General Jim Tobin and FSM Secretary of Education Kalwin Kephas, as well the respective Presidents of the Micronesian Games Council and Palau NOC—a collective decision was made to reorganize the Organizing Committee for the 2018 MicroGames. The reorganization was made to better spearhead all the essential preparations for Yap State to host the games in summer 2018.
“Inevitably, time is not on our side”, stated Governor Ganngiyan in his memo, “since we are only a little over a year now before the games begin and all efforts on our part now is paramount whether you are in the public sector, private sector or in your respective communities”.
Governor Ganngiyan officially designated Yap Sports Council Chairman Liyon Sulog and Director of Youth & Civic Affairs Francis I. Itimai as the Co-Chairs of the 9th MicroGames OC. He also tasked the co-chairs to undertake the following tasks:
1. To re-evaluate the tasks assigned to the Organizing Committee and all the various sub-committees as to ensure that all the preparatory tasks and arrangements are undertaken to have Yap ready to host the 2018 MicroGames; and
2. To re-organize the Organizing Committee and all the existing sub-committees to ensure that the assigned co-chairs and members are proactive in undertaking their assigned tasks so as to meet the given timelines.
The Governor ended his memo by wishing all a prosperous New Year, and thanked all for their assistance and efforts thus far in ensuring that the necessary preparations for the state to be a good host are undergoing. “ We all must be mindful that we are not only anticipating very important people to be in our humble State during these games but also over 2,000 spectators [and] athletes. It is imperative that all planning and preparations are in place way before the games begin and I can only solicit your kind cooperation with the two co-chairs of the OC”.

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