Go Local Campaign at Seventh Day Adventist School

By: Emihner L. Johnson, IFCP
Island Food Community of Pohnpei(IFCP) presents its “GO LOCAL “ for CHEEF (Culture Health, Environment, Economy, Food Security) benefits at Seventh Day Adventist School(SDA) to the sixth and seventh graders on January 13, 2017. The presentation was presented by the Acting Director of IFCP, Ms Emihner Johnson 10am in the SDA Chapel to sixty four (64) 4th, 5t , and 6th graders.
The workshop started with a worship hymn by some of the students and an opening prayer by the SDA Principal. After the presentation, like the other IFCP visiting schools, there was a quiz on the “GO LOCAL” for CHEEF presentation. On the quiz activity, yellow and orange pencils with its “GO LOCAL” slogan are given to each student answering the questions correctly as incentives.
Another activity as part of this school visit is to distribute and educate on the MODFAT (Micronesian One Diet Fits All Today). These brochures was distributed to each student to take home. Explanation of the MODFAT was given by the Acting Director Johnson.
In his closing remark, Principal Edward told the students and staff that the message was a very important one that SDA will promote the “GO LOCAL” campaign by having a policy in place: Starting this week, the cafeteria will serve a Local Plate or lunch which consists of local food and fish once in a week. This is in addition to their other healthy food policies that are already in place including, NO SODA, NO RAMEN, NO KOKO, NO WHITE BREAD, NO CHICKEN.
Ripe local bananas were served as healthy snacks provide by IFCP to the students as they exit the Chapel.
IFCP expressed their appreciation and thank deeply the SDA school and Principal for his passion and commitment to our “GO LOCAL” outreach program.
On January 16, 207, IFCP also presents its “GO LOCAL” for CHEEF (Culture Health, Environment, Economy, Food Security) benefits to the sixth and seventh graders of Pohnpei Saint Paul Christian School (PSPCS) in their classroom. The awareness team from IFCP consists of its Acting Executive Director and its Outreach Assistant, Ms. Neilynn Walter.
All the Activities of MODFAT training and distribution of brochures and quiz on the “GO LOCAL” presentation and quiz were conducted at PSPCS.
IFCP would like to thank the PSPCS for their cooperation and support on the GO LOCAL awareness. Special acknowledgement of thanks to Senator David Panuelo, US.DOI-TAP, Dept of Health and Social Affairs, PNI State and National Government for Funding Assistance.

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