Early Childhood Education (ECE) Literacy Week

By: Emihner Johnson, IFCP
Island Food Community of Pohnpei (IFCP) was invited, along with other sectors to take part in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Parent Literacy Week which started on January 23 to January 27, 2017. . IfCP was asked to present on Nutrition Effects.
On January 23, 2017, ECE started this workshop of Parents of ECE students attending the ECE Centers in Kolonia which consist of Ohmine and Kolonia Centers. This workshop was held at the Pohnpei State Gym in Dolonier. IFCP Presents the Recommendations for Children within the age range of 4-5 of the following Behaviors to reduce or prevent obesity:

  • Sleep – 10-13 hours of sleep within a day(24hrs)
  • Screen Time- 2 hours or less(watching TV, video games with no PA)
  • Vegetable Intake – 1Cup local vegetable in a day (local not canned imported)
  • Fruit Intake – 1Cup local fruit in a day(local, not canned imported)
  • Physical Activity – at least 1 hour or 60 minutes in a day
  • Drink water- Drink water or coconut, avoid sugar-sweet drinks.

The second day of the workshop was held with the same theme to the Parents of Uh and Nett ECE Centers at Pohnpei Gym in Dolonier. There were 125 parents attended the workshop. On the third day, the workshop was held at Sekere GYM to the ECE parents of Sokehs ECE Centers. There were 115 parents attended the workshop. On the fourth day, this workshop was held at Pohnalamwahu Church to the ECE Parents of Kitti ECE Centers with 97 participants. On the last day, the workshop was held at Sapwalap Church with 86 parents of the ECE Centers in Madolenihmw.
IFCP would like to thank Dept of Interior- TAP program, Pohnpei State Government – Dept of Health Services, Bill Raynor Estate, Late Dr. Lois Englberger & Family, and the FSM Health for their financial support.