Nauru Airlines to cease Kosrae flights

Nauru Airlines
Nauru Airlines commenced flights into the Federated States of Micronesia in June 2015, servicing both Pohnpei and Kosrae.
The airline has been monitoring the traffic levels and notes that whilst the volumes through Pohnpei continue to grow in sizeable numbers, the Kosrae traffic numbers remain low by comparison and have not developed to a level that the airline can sustain the service through Kosrae.
“The commercial reality is that, despite our best efforts to market into and out of the State of Kosrae by initiatives such as training of a local business to deliver travel arrangement assistance to the community in Kosrae as well as spearheading the “Isles of Micronesia” promotion activities to bring visitor focus onto each of our destinations through the region, we have not seen the market develop sufficiently to support a continuation of the Kosrae service” said CEO Geoff Bowmaker.
Nauru Airlines deeply appreciates the opportunity and support it has received from the FSM government, tourism authorities and private business stakeholders throughout the FSM and will continue to maintain the important link into and out of Pohnpei to its neighbouring states of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Kiribati, Nauru, Fiji , Solomon Islands and further to Australia.
Nauru Airlines flights through Kosrae will cease with effect from the end of March, with the last services being (northbound) Friday 24th March and (southbound) Sunday 26th March.