Project for building taro cultivation tanks in Fais Island, Yap

taroOn March 1, 2017, the Grant Contract Signing Ceremony was held for the Project for Building Taro Cultivation Tanks in Fais Island, Yap state which provided Department of Public Works & Transportation, Yap State with US$75,417 under Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects.
The goal for this project is to provide thirty five (35) taro cultivation tanks which improve food security in Fais island. Fais island receives lots of damage for agriculture by strong typhoons and droughts by low-level of grounds every year. Therefore, the provided taro cultivation tanks expect to help to produce about 11,091kg taros per year for about (300) three hundred residents in the island.
Ambassador Horie Ryoichi noted this grant is not a one-way assistance but needs a partnership between Yap state and Japan. He expressed his sympathies for people residing in the island, as it is hard for them to receive assistance from outside of the isolated island. He also showed his excitement about implementing the project work with the Fais island community. In his speech of acknowledgement, Mr. Tony Ganngiyan, Governor of Yap State, stated that he was pleased to witness a history making moment for the Fais island community and expressed his sincere appreciation to the government and people of Japan.
Presented at the ceremony were Lt. Governor James Yangitmai, Director of Department of Public works & Transportation Jonathan Marmar, Director of Office of Administrative Services Julius Tun, Chief of Budget and Office of Planning and Budget Pius Talemaisai, Community representative Angel Ragmai, Community representative Jesse Salau, Deputy Director of Public works & Transportation Manuel Maleichog, Mrs. Horie and a staff of the Embassy of Japan in the FSM.

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