F4 event showcases college student entrepreneurial talent


By Mason Wiley
COM Center for Entrepreneurship
On August 7th, a beautiful Friday night, COM-FSM hosted the Friday Food Fashion Festival (F4) at the Spanish Wall baseball field. The event lasted from 5pm-8pm and hosted around 20 student-operated businesses From 5pm to 8pm, hundreds of Pohnpeian residents meandered among the tents that hosted over 20 student-operated businesses with a variety of products and services, including hot sauce, handcrafted furniture, bluetooth speakers, premium coffee drinks, local delicacies, and much more.

F4 02The Yapese Student Organization and Chuu- Chok (a student organization) also provided spirited traditional dance. The event has grown significantly over the years from a handful of students trying their hand at a business for the day at tables on National Campus to a night festival that invites the entire community to participate. The COM-FSM Business Division began the F4 as a way to assess business students’ understanding of business fundamentals, but it has since found support within the College’s Career and Technical Education divisions on Pohnpei Campus and the Center for Entrepreneurship. Although the primary purpose of the event is to provide a real world setting to practice and evaluate students’ business acumen, students and residents of Pohnpei are beginning to see the event as a chance to showcase Micronesian innovation.
The success of the F4 will certainly lead to bigger and better F4s in future semesters. There are also plans to include more local entrepreneurs in order to capture a snapshot of the FSM’s full entrepreneurial potential. Perhaps with enough support it could even lead to regular public markets to encourage some of our islands’ enterprisers to take a shot at the small business they’ve been dreaming about.

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