Kitti Municipal Locally Managed Marine Area


On Tuesday, May 2nd, a short signing ceremony took place on the island of Peniou, Kitti Municipality, for the adoption and endorsement of the Kitti Municipal Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) Coastal Fisheries Management Plan. This plan will serve as a critical step in guiding the development of the local government's coastal resources. The endorsed document contains actions that address fisheries management priorities identified through consultation conducted with the Local Government Representatives. The plan also supports development objectives intended to maintain a more sustainable and productive coastal environment. Attendees of the official endorsement ceremony were the Soukisoahloang Nahnmwarki of Kitti (Kitti Paramount Chief) Nahnalek Kitti, Luhkenmoanlap (Mayor of Kitti) Tonio Sarapio with staff of Kitti Municipal Government, Speaker of Kitti Isokohnedi (Kitti Council) Sother Anthon, Chairman of Kitti Delegation, Pohnpei State Legislature Senator McGarry Miguel, community members from Enipein, Partnering NGO's from The Micronesian Conservation Trust, RARE Micronesia, donor representatives from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Conservation Society of Pohnpei.

The Kitti Municipal Government decided to develop this Plan two years ago as the first of its kind for Pohnpei was delayed with some of the contents were more terrestrial based according to technical assistant consultations. CSP continued over the course of the previous year with consultations with the Kitti Municipal reps as part of its effort to move towards more sustainable fisheries based approaches for the Municipality. The Kitti Fisheries Management Plan focuses on strengthening local fishery and marine environment regulations, developing local government capacity, sharing management responsibilities creating management measures that will outline the reinforcement of management categories to supplement existing management efforts. Development of this plan will compliment several ongoing state national and regional policies and efforts. The FSM National Oceanic Resources Management Agency (NORMA) and the FSM R&D have received funding from the World Bank PROPFish to develop a national coastal fisheries management plan. The Kitti Municipal Government will be sharing their fisheries plan with officials in NORMA and FSM R&D with the intent that their plan will feed into and inform the national plan. In addition, the plan will also support the efforts of Pohnpei State to develop the States fisheries management plan.
Implementation of this plan will help the local communities, Pohnpei State and the FSM meet their effort own sustainable fisheries efforts, and consequently, will help the nation meet their regional and international commitments. FSM, as part of the Pacific Island Forum, agreed to make management of coastal fisheries as one of the top priorities for the nation and the region. Additionally, the implementation of this plan will help the FSM come closer to meeting its commitments to the UN convention on Biological Diversity, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals specifically SDG 14, which calls for the conservation and sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.
During the event, commitments were made to provide assistance in the implementation the plan and copies will be provided for all supporting stakeholders to carry out their partake during implementation of activities. The People of Kitti and assisting partners hope that this effort can be scaled up to other Municipalities around Pohnpei and across the country/region. Copies of the plan will be made available by the Kitti Municipal Government or the Conservation Society of Pohnpei.