New JICA Volunteers dispatched to Pohnpei and Kosrae

On March 30th FSM Department of Foreign Affairs welcomed 2 new JICA Volunteers to the Federated States of Micronesia. For more than twenty-eight years, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been dispatching volunteers to the FSM, assisting priority sectors in Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism and other fields.
The new Senior Volunteer dispatched to Pohnpei, FSM National Olympic Committee (NOC) is Mr. Takahashi Akifumi who will be assisting with Swimming for Pohnpei and the swimmers in order to attend Japan Olympic Games in 2020. The new JOCV Mr. Noguchi Gen will be dispatched to Kosrae and is assigned to Utwe Elementary School to teach Mathematics.
Currently, 13 volunteers; 8 Senior Volunteers (SV) and 5 JOCVs (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer), are serving in the FSM including the new volunteers. Most of them will serve two years in their respective posts. The aim of the volunteer program is to develop a better life for the local people and community.