Enimwahn community receives Global Greengrants Fund for Coconut Rehabilitation


MAY 2017

The importance of having healthy and productive coconut trees is the focus of a new grant that the Enimwahn Community received from the Global Greengrants Fund. Their NGO, Enimwahn Development Association Incorporated or EDA Inc., received $5,000 to purchase equipment and 2000 coconut seedlings and plan to cut senile trees and replant with a more productive species of coconut tree. President of the EDA Inc., Mr. Stuard Penias, noted that “the use of coconut in our community really went up due to the rise in cost of raising pigs and other community usage of coconut. As of today, the number of coconut trees in our community has decreased compare to ten years ago. Most of these coconut trees have died due to the typhoon we encountered (in 2015) and some are just too old to give fruits and too tall for people to climb. The need and demand for new coconut trees within the Enimwahn community is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the Enimwahn Community is seeking assistance from any donor agency who can assist with the replenishment and replanting of new coconut trees.”

During the implementation of this project, young and old people of Enimwahn will be educated on the seriousness of climate change, the rise of NCDs in Pohnpei, and many other important topics that will be associated with this project. By the end of this project, people of Enimwahn will be able to optimistically talk about the importance of keeping our environment clean, and be well informed on climate change to take necessary actions and ensure that they don’t contribute to the problems that we are facing nowadays. They will become ambassadors for change in our community and society by taking responsible steps in ensuring that the young generation also takes care of the environment.
By the end of this project there will be at least 2,000 new coconut trees planted in Enimwahn Community which will support the people of Enimwahn for decades in terms of money, traditional uses, and food security. With the clearing of the senile trees that are no longer producing fruit, EDA Inc. will find a way to use the wood and leaves and put the old trees to use so nothing goes to waste.
Enimwahn Development Association Inc. would like to express its utmost thanksgiving to the Pacific Advisory Council, the Global Greengrants Fund, and Mr. Willy Kostka, Executive Director of the Micronesian Conservation Trust.