Leadership welcomes US Pacific Fleet Commander to Yap

Civic Affairs // May 17, 2017
COLONIA, Yap — On May 9, 2017, the leadership welcomed Admiral Scott H. Swift and his mission to Yap State. The Commander, United States Pacific Fleet and his mission briefly visited Yap to briefly meet with the Yap State Leadership and officials of the FSM National Government and the US Embassy.
Admiral Swift arrived with his delegation in the afternoon last Tuesday, and were escorted to the conference room of the Yap Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facility of the Yap International Airport. The Admiral then met with members of the Yap State Leadership, FSM Chief of Staff Leo Falcam, Jr., and US Ambassador Robert Riley and his delegates.
On behalf of Yap State, Governor Tony Ganngiyan welcomed Admiral Swift and his delegation to Yap State, and thanked them for taking the time to visit and discuss mutual interests with the State and the FSM. Governor Ganngiyan noted that Yap State historically hosted the US Navy fleet at Ulithi Atoll during WWII, and have since made friendly ties with the US Navy through continually provided projects and programs such as CCAD Seabees. He raised concerns of the global impact of such a relationship, with the Chief of Staff elaborating further on potential risks in the region.
The FSM President's Chief of Staff, Mr. Falcam, extended greetings from the nation's capital in Palikir, and reiterated the governor's gratitude for the "very beneficial" CCAD program, and noted the difficulties of servicing a nation that occupy a fairly large space in the Pacific with poor infrastructure.
Admiral Swift in his remarks hearkened to their previous meeting in Hawaii and the expressed challenges faced by the FSM. He stated that US Pacific Fleet stands to continue the dialogue and assist on common interests especially on areas of needed direct support; he stressed the issue of prioritization and focusing on areas of mutual interest—for example, the airport runway, and ocean security.
The admiral shared that his mission was on their fifth stop on a Indo-Asia-Pacific trip that started in Australia for the Battle of the Coral Sea 75th anniversary. The admiral and his delegation were scheduled to be in Yap for only two hours; after meeting with the local leadership and separately with the US Ambassador, the mission departed a little after 5:30 PM from the Yap International Airport.
Admiral Scott Harbison Swift is the current Commander, US Pacific Fleet as of May 27, 2015. The US Pacific Fleet (USPACFLT) is the Pacific Ocean command of the US Navy providing forces to the US Pacific Command, headquartered in Hawaii.