Chuuk youth participate in Future Scholars Program

scholarsFrom March 24- April 9 of this year, Chuuk High School students again traveled to Clemson University to participate in the University’s Future Scholars Program. In addition to last year’s activities, students worked on a case study project, where they prepared a project to improve one aspect of Chuuk during the course of the week, which they have since implemented upon their return to Chuuk.
While at Clemson, the students participated in daily classes and took part in educational excursions each day to augment what they learned in class. During class, students developed their critical thinking skills and learned the valuable skill of SWOT (Strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis, which they have brought back to Chuuk and since applied to their school work at Chuuk High School. One student even has said he wishes to teach his fellow local close up participants the skill.

During afternoon excursions, students were exposed to university facilities, classes, professors, and unique features of Greenville South Carolina and Clemson. Students participated in a class on DNA analysis, where they learned the basics of DNA and how to create a DNA sample. Beyond classes on DNA, students again visited Clemson’s ICAR facility and Healthcare simulation center. At the ICAR facility, students discussed the ability to manufacture and test a car for the future and inquired about the best car for the Pacific islands of the future At the health simulation center, students again practiced the skills necessary to become a health care professional and became interested in the idea of becoming Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).
To finish their academic experience, students looked at their home state of Chuuk and applied a SWOT analysis to determine a possible project for future application in the areas of solar energy, recycling development, and peer tutoring. In addition to their project, the students also participated in an exchange at three levels of the South Carolina education system.
At the elementary level, our Chuukese students taught the elementary students of Pickens, South Carolina about the FSM and about their home state of Chuuk. At the secondary level, Chuukese and South Carolinian students participated together in an afternoon of conversation at Shannon Forest High School in Greenville, South Carolina. During this afternoon exchange, students discussed commonalities between life in the United States and in the FSM along with teenage concerns and school related issues. Before the young scholars departed each other’s company, our Chuukese students explained to the South Carolinian high school what changes they planned to make in the future based on their Clemson Future Scholars journey. Before the students of Chuuk High returned to Chuuk they had one last opportunity to discuss with a college level Clemson education student their final project as part of the development of their ideas.
Overall, the students of Chuuk High School again had an informative and enjoyable time at one of the United States top universities. The Future Scholars Program wishes to expand further into the FSM with the ultimate goal of providing a nationwide program. Any interested parties should contact Clemson’s Youth Learning Institute