Cops kill islanders

Chuukese gunned down in WA, OK - JULY 2017

Giff Johnson The Marshall Islands Journal

A Marshall Islander and a Chuukese were killed by police officers in separate incidents in the US mainland over the past several weeks. Based on posts on social media by Marshallese living in the US and news reports, the Marshallese who was killed in Auburn, Wash- ington this past weekend was Isaiah Obet, a former resident of Delap, Majuro. A report on Auburn King 5 TV news said Au- burn police shot and killed a man armed with a knife who walked into two homes demanding money and later tried to carjack a vehicle with the driver inside. A local resident told King 5 she was sitting on a couch watching TV when the suspect walked in, demanding money. He left when she told him to leave, and then she rang 911. Police showed up when the suspect entered another house with people in it. The suspect fled. A few blocks away with police in pursuit, he attempted to carjack a vehicle with a female driver in it when the officer opened fire, killing the man, said to be Obet. The other death occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma earlier this month involving 18-year-old Naway Willy, from Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia. A report by Fox 23 news presents police confusion regarding a suspect in an earlier homicide, whom they initially believed was Willy but later determined, after he was shot and killed by an of- ficer, that Willy was not involved in the earlier homicide. According to the news site, police say, “Willy had a gun on him and took off during a homicide investigation. They later said they didn’t believe Willy was involved in the homicide.” Another person was subsequently arrested as a suspect in the shooting death of Rabson Robert in early June.