Pohnpei coffer watchers sign an MOU to work together


June 20, 2017 P o h n p e i—T h e watchdogs of Pohnpei’s financial resources this afternoon signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) promising to do their jobs in a cooperative way in order to prevent financial fraud and waste of Pohnpei’s funds. Ihlen Joseph, the Pohnpei State Auditor, Benito Cantero, the Director of the Department of Public Safety, and Dana Smith, the Attorney General signed the MOU that affirms cooperative and mutual law enforcement efforts on financial crimes on Pohnpei’s resources. Under the MOU, the Office of the Pohnpei State Public Auditor's Compliance Investigation Division (CID) will continue to receive allegations of fraud, waste and mismanagement after audits are completed. The CID would continue to conduct preliminary inquiries to determine whether or not there is reasonable cause to work with the Department of Public Safety to cooperatively refer the results of investigations to the Office of Attorney General for further investigation and potential prosecution. The MOU essentially confirms that all of the offices will work together as they are charged to do.

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