Chief Justice Benjamin Rodriquez resigns and extends heartfelt gratitude

By Marstella Jack
August 9, 2017
Pohnpei—The Chief Justice of the Pohnpei Supreme Court has resigned from his post, effective August 14, 2017. Although his defense team was prepared to overwhelm the prosecution with the impeachment, the criminal and civil cases, the Chief Justice determined that for the sake of maintaining peace and harmony between and amongst the people of Pohnpei, especially the three branches of the Pohnpei Government, and honoring the sanctity of this pei sarawi, the Chief Justice has decided to make a sacrifice in this matter and voluntarily resign from the post. He has instructed his legal team to work closely with the Pohnpei Attorney General’s office with a view towards resolving all the pending legal issues as soon as possible. The Chief Justice is prepared to accept and take full responsibility for whatever decision or decisions may come out of the pending matters. In this connection, the Chief Justice and his family conveys their most sincere gratitude to all the Nanmwarkis and Iso Nahnkens of the Traditional Kingdoms of Pohnpei, the Pohnpei State Legislature, the Governor, all the Associate Justices of the Pohnpei Supreme Court, the entire Pohnpei Supreme Court staff, and the people of Pohnpei for all their support throughout this ordeal. May God continue to bless this wonderful island we all cherish.