Adventures of our young Sea Stewards


• Author: Yvonne C. Neth
• Publisher: Island Research & Education Initiative (iREi)
• 42 Pages, Color
• Size: 11” x 8.5”
• Ages 2-10
• Publication year: 2017
• ISBN: 978-982-9170-19-4
• Free Downloadable pdf document via iREi website
This fun-filled activity book is tailor-made to function as an awareness tool for our island kids, promoting familiarity with several of Pohnpei’s endangered marine species, their habitats and encourage good fishing practices. Amusing illustrations offer relatable context and encourage local language involvement in our current supply of books available to our communities. For example, during instances where a marine species is introduced, there is a character inquiring of the child, “Do you know the local name of this fish? You can ask a parent or teacher to help you spell it,” and providing a colorful space for writing the local name in. Fun facts add charm to this learning tool as well: “When left alone, this crab can live for 60 years! Isn't that neat?!”
Whether you are in Pohnpei or living off-island, dive in and learn useful facts with your child or student with our new book, “Adventures with our young sea stewards!” This book is FREE for all as a downloadable pdf at this link: download/Sea-Stewards.pdf
** This book would not have been made possible if not for the generous consideration and donation of Global Greengrants Fund (GGF). Our sincere thanks to GGF for allowing us to create a tool of awareness for our young children and communities. We hope it will transform from words beyond these pages into positive initiatives by our people.
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