10th Annual Blue Nile Fishing Derby


The 10th Annual Blue Nile Fishing Derby was held on September 9, 2017. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day, which seemed to drive a lot of the fish away. A few anglers figured it out though and there were some big fish that were land ed.
We want to thank Blue Nile; Mangrove Bay; Ambros, Inc., Guam; WSTCO, ST Guam; Coral Reef Guam; Titan Imports; Go Fujita/Nihon Tekkan; Pohnpei Rain Water, and D & Q Saipan for their sponsorship and support. There would have been no tournament without them.
The tournament was a big fish tournament with lots of prizes.
The catch of the day was Ryan Hawley’s 300.1 pound marlin. It was the clear winner.
Prizes are listed below:
Biggest Fish:
First biggest fish - Ryan Hawley for his 300.1lb marlin – Round trip ticket to Guam, $200.00 cash and a 4.5 liter bottle of Chivas Regal
Second biggest fish – Emerald Eperiam for her 59.3lb yellowfin tuna - $400.00 cash, 2.0 liter bottle of Chivas Regal, and a $25.00 gift certificate for Mangrove Bay Hotel
Third biggest fish – MARY TRETNOFF for her 50.7lb yellowfin tuna - $300.00 cash, 2.0 liter bottle of Chivas Regal, $25.00 gift certificate for M angrove Bay Hotel
Fourth biggest fish – Escura Guian for his 47.6lb Giant Trevally - $200.00 cash, $25.00 gift certificate to Mangrove Bay Hotel
Species prizes:
Biggest Barracuda – Konrad Englberger - 30.4lb - $100.00 cash
Biggest Wahoo – Thomas Inatio - 20.9lb - $100.00 cash
Biggest Yellowfin – Johnny Duffy - 23.6lb - $100.00 cash
Biggest Skipjack – Nick Gilmete - 16.3lb - $100.00 cash
Lady Angler
First – Naihila Peterson - 19.4lb Wahoo - $150.00 cash, $150.00 gift certificate
Second – Naihila Peterson - 14.1lb Skip Jack - $100.00 cash, $50.00 gift certificate
Junior Angler
First – Sean Michael Sohl - 14.1lb Skip Jack - $100.00 cash, $5 0.00 gift certificate
Second - Isaiah Hawley - 13.4lb SKIP JACK - $50.00 cash, $50.00 gift certificate
All boats that registered and weighed in received a free case of Budweiser. It was a hot day so that made many anglers very happy.
There was a big crowd at the weigh in. The Fishing Club sold hot dogs and sausages to support the Pohnpei Public Library.
Many thanks to all the people who helped out, Tina Albert, Bill Pendergraft, Uta Krause, Jim Tobin, all of Kumer’s guys and everyone else. It was great to see some of our sponsors make it to the tournament.
All told it was a great day. Everyone who went out looked like they had a good time.
Without the help of our sponsors we could not have had this fabulous tournament.
Next tournament is True Value in October. See you then.

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