Chuuk Continues To Promote Solid Waste Management through JICA Partnership Program

A new project entitled “Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Pacific Island Countries-The Cooperative 2R Promotion Project in the State of Chuuk, FSM” (hereinafter referred to as “the Project”) under JICA Partnership Program (JPP) in Collaboration with Hachioji City Government has launched this November. The duration of this project will be from November 2017 to February 2020. The main objectives of the project are conservation of clean environment through ongoing 2R activities and establish waste collection routines. Chuuk State Environmental Protection Agency will be the counterpart organization to promote the concept of the 2R (reduce and reuse) principle as well as consolidating the waste collection system and install organic waste disposal units with cooperation of local communities.
The Team met with two other relevant agencies contributing efforts to this project and they are the Chuuk Public Works & Transportation and Chuuk Women Council (CWC). In collaboration with Chuuk EPA, the Chuuk Public Works & Transportation operates and maintains the waste collection system. The members of Chuuk Women Council are practicing the principle of the 2R (Reduce and Reuse) by forming a sewing group who can fashion reusable shopping bags out of used clothes. This group of women also holds a market day on the last Fridays of every month to sell used items as well. These activities help prevent used clothes and other items as well as plastic bags from going to the landfill and will eventually contribute to future legislations on the ban of plastic bags.
The Team also visited Pohnpei on November 13-14 and paid a courtesy call to Mr. Antholino Neth, Acting Secretary of Department of Environment, Climate Change and Emergency Management (DECCEM) and Ms. Patricia Pedrus, Sustainable Development Planner and Embassy of Japan to introduce the objective and main activities of the project as well as expected outcomes and results. The Team then moved to Chuuk on November 14-22

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