Japanese government hands over construction equipment to PTA

pta 01

By Bill Jaynes
The Kaselehlie Press
December 4, 2017
Pohnpei—During a ceremony on the front port of the Pohnpei Administration building at 3:00 on December 4, Ambassador Ryoichi Horie turned over a substantial donation of heavy machinery to the Pohnpei Transportation Authority (PTA).

The donation, worth approximately 52 million yen ($460,000) not only included two large dump trucks, a fuel truck and a large truck with a “lowboy” trailer but also included substantial training on the equipment.
Ambassador Horie said that he had learned that though PTA has large equipment, some of it previously donated by Japan, the Authority didn’t have anything that could transport it to a work site. PTA had previously been hiring a local company to move equipment for them when they needed on the site. The truck with the lowboy trailer resolves that problem for the future.
The keys were presented to Acting Governor Reed Oliver who turned them over to the Director of PTA for immediate use.