Japanese Ambassador hosts reception at his home for Japanese National Day

November 30, 2017
Pohnpei—Ambassador of Japan to the FSM Ryoichi Horie hosted a dinner reception at his home to celebrate Japan’s upcoming national day in celebration of the 84th birthday of the Emperor of Japan. Vice President Yosiwo George and Acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs Samson Pretrick were in attendance among other dignitaries from Pohnpei as well as members of the diplomatic corps.
Pretrick gave a speech on behalf of the FSM extolling the virtues of nearly 30 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and the FSM.
Ambassador Horie also spoke. The text of his speech follows:
“Good evening. Thank you very much for your coming to our national day reception tonight to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday. His Majesty, the Emperor of Japan will become 84 years old on 23rd, December this year.
“The Federated States of Micronesia and Japan have been enjoying long and close friendship for many decades and next year will mark the 30th anniversary of our bilateral diplomatic relations. For last three decades, lots of political leaders, tourists, businessmen and students have visited each other’s countries.

“From 23rd to 26th October this year, His Excellency Mr. Peter Martin Christian, the President of the FSM, made an official visit to Japan. During his stay in Japan, among many other schedules, President Christian made a State Call on his majesty the Emperor of Japan, had a summit meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and attended a dinner hosted by the Prime Minister. The two leaders have reconfirmed our two nations’ important partnership connected by historical ties and close friendship and agreed to further strengthen bilateral relations. They have also agreed to continue to cooperate for various issues bilaterally, regionally and internationally. The Prime Minister Abe offered his invitation to the President Christian to attend the Eighth Pacific Leaders Meeting (PALM 8) , which will be held in May 2018 in Japan. The President accepted this invitation.
“Just after the summit meeting on 25th October, in front of the President Christian and the Prime Minister Abe, together with the Foreign Secretary Mr. Lorin Robert, I signed an Exchange of Notes for Grant Aid for Economic and Social Development Program for the FSM, amounting to 350 million Yen, which is approximately 3.2 million dollars. This is one of Japan’s continued commitments to the people and the nation of the FSM and I hope this new assistance will promote socio-economic development of the FSM.
“When it was mentioned to the President Christian during his stay in Japan that next year would mark 30th anniversary of the two nations’ diplomatic relations, the President has always responded by saying that the people of the FSM count on beyond 30 years because the peoples of the two nations have been connected for more than 100 years.
“Early this month, I visited the State of Chuuk. In addition to my meeting with the State and Local Government Leaders, Businessmen, school teachers and students, I met many Japanese Chuukese such as the Mori family, Nakayama family, Aizawa family and Hashiguchi family. They are descendants of Japanese immigrants to Chuuk, the first group of whom came to Chuuk more than 120 years ago. They are playing important roles in various sectors in Chuuk, showing a good example of the long and deep relations between the two countries.
“Such long and deep relations are now expanded and strengthened further by young generations of the two countries. A lot of students of various universities and colleges of Japan, such as Sophia, Waseda, Reitaku, Ritsumeikan, Toyo and Konan, are visiting the FSM and deepening their friendship with students of this country and many Micronesian students are studying at various universities in Japan, such as Sophia, Waseda, Reitaku and Ryukyus. Through mutual exchange programs for high school students as well as college students, young generation exchange between Japan and the FSM are now been expanded and further promoted. I believe that our two nations’ friendship and close relations will be further strengthened by such young generations.
“By concluding my remarks, on behalf of all the Japanese residents, all the Embassy staff and my wife, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Government and people of FSM.”