Letter to the Editor: Praises for the skilled hands of Dr. Padwick Galle

Dear Editor,
I am a former patient who had my right eye operated by Dr. Gallen. After some hours passed, my sight was restored perfectly. Truly it was the outcome of a successful job that can only be appraised and deemed according to the proficiency and competency of the individual performing and finishing the task.
I only wish to convey the fortunate opportunity of the people of Pohnpei and our Pohnpei State Department of Health Services to have a true Ophthalmologist serving within our reach. I can recall several years back, our health services often employed foreigners to do the same work, sometimes with unnecessary consequences and damages. Today, I am among the many witnesses on this (Pei Sarawi) island to receive the talents of the gifted hands of Dr. Gallen.
May the next generation produce at least one more set of competent hands, God bless your good hands for the people of Pohnpei!
Tony T. Lucios
Editors note: I also benefitted from the skills of Dr. Gallen and a surgeon from the Moran Eye Clinic who removed a cataract from my right eye and changed my life again. I too am extremely grateful for the talents of this kind and skilled man.