Asia-Pacific Conservation Trust Fund Network (APNET) launches


Micronesia and the Micronesia Conservation Trust recently made history by becoming a founding member of a new, international consortium of Conservation Trusts. On December 6, 2017, in Jakarta, Indonesia, the executive leadership of six environmental and conservation funds officially launched the Asia-Pacific Conservation Trust Fund Network (APNET). The six founding organizations include:
• Arannayk Foundation (Bangladesh)
• Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation
• Forest Foundation Philippines
• Foundation for the Philippine Environment
• Yayasan KEHATI (Indonesia)
• Micronesia Conservation Trust
The Executive Directors of the Phoenix Islands Project Area Trust and the Tasmania Land Conservancy were not able to attend the meeting but will be signing the document electronically and will be considered founding members along with the six funds present at the meeting in December.
Participants at the Jakarta meeting finalized the name of the network and revised its vision, mission and purpose. These are:
APNET’s vision is that Conservation Trust Funds make the greatest possible contribution to a vibrant and healthy natural environment and sustainable communities in the Asia Pacific region.
APNET’s mission is to provide a common platform to promote and facilitate partnerships and collaboration among the members and the wider community of organizations working to achieve a vibrant and healthy environment and sustainable communities in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Purpose of APNET is to
• Facilitate partnerships and collaboration among members and with similar organizations and networks
• Facilitate capacity building, knowledge sharing, and use of best practices
• Generate and mobilize resources to support APNET’s efforts
• Communicate the work of APNET and its members to stakeholders

Work began on the establishment of the network In November 2014, when representatives from nine conservation trust funds and environmental funds from the Asia-Pacific region, including the Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT), gathered in Sydney, Australia to discuss the formation of a Network, modeled on RedLAC in Latin America/Caribbean and CAFE in Africa to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among the funds of the Asia-Pacific region. Representatives from six conservation trust funds, including MCT, formed a Core Team to develop the foundations of the Network. Members of the Network share a commitment to advocating for a healthy natural environment and sustainable communities, and recognize the Network as a valuable resource for knowledge sharing, capacity building and collaboration to support Network organizations and their partners to achieve biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation goals and targets in the Asia-Pacific region. Members also recognize multiple threats to the environment, biodiversity and climate, so the Network is founded with a shared commitment to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the UN Convention on Climate Change. Members firmly believe that, together, they have greater influence on effecting conservation and climate financing and can bring efficient and practical resources to those vulnerable communities who need it most. MCT is confident that membership in this network will improve its ability to provide resources and support to its partners in Micronesia and support their important work in biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihoods.