Rock star Sammy Hagar makes quick refueling stop in Pohnpei

hagarThe original “Red Rocker”, Sammy Hagar of Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot, The Circle, and several other bands along with solo projects made a one hour refueling stop in Pohnpei on January 8, much to the excitement of airport employees, some of whom know exactly who the rock star is. Hagar’s family members were also aboard the plane.
Jun Sablan of United was particularly excited to meet the rock star. Sablan has sung for rock bands for several years and knows exactly who Hagar is. He said that he asked Hagar how Eddie, and Alex were. “You know Van Halen?” he asked, as if shocked and wanted to know what his favorite song was. He seemed even more surprised when Sablan told him his favorite was “I Can’t Drive 55”, Hagar’s 1984 hit as a solo artist. “I like you guys,” he said. “Let’s get a picture.”
Sablan said that the Red Rocker and his family were extremely friendly.
“We don’t get rock stars every day at the airport. I guess today was the day,” Sablan said.
The entire incident made this editor who has followed Hagar since his early days in the 70’s with Montrose and has played lead guitar for rock bands for several decades quite a bit jealous!
Sablan said that he never mentioned that he is a singer. Guess he was just a bit too star struck.

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