Body of man who fell from commercial fishing vessel recovered in waters off Sokehs

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press

January 26, 2018

Pohnpei—According to State Police detectives, on January 15, FSM flagged fishing vessels Micronesia 101 and 103 were transferring their catches onto the mother ship which was moored in Pohnpei’s lagoon.  A ladder had been positioned between two of the vessels to enable crossing from one to the other.  A 40 year old crew member from China fell from that ladder as he was crossing and disappeared.  He could not be found.

Crewmembers immediately notified FSM National Police who in turn notified Pohnpei State police and Pohnpei Port Authority.  A search was conducted but the man could not be found.

On January 19 fishermen from another commercial fishing boat discovered the body of Guohue Zhu floating inside Pohnpei’s lagoon near the reef off of Sokehs Island.  They notified the authorities who recovered the body.

Due to amount of time that he had been in the water an autopsy could not be performed. 

State Police detectives conducted an investigation and after interviewing witnesses ruled that the death was accidental saying that no foul play was involved.

FSM Department of Transportation Communication and Infrastructure is responsible to conduct safety inspections on FSM flagged vessels.  TC&I conducted a safety inspection and found the vessels to be in compliance.

Guohue Zhu’s body was buried in Kitti.  The grieving family has asked representatives of the National Fishing Corporation to place flowers on his grave and to send photos to them.

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