FSMTC and newly formed Submarine Cable Company, FSMT Cable Corporation sign landmark long term facility sharing and capacity agreement

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FSMT Cable Corporation, the country’s newly established Open Access Entity (OAE), and FSMTC, the country’s incumbent full-service telecommunications company, entered into an IRU Deed Agreement this past Friday February 2nd, 2018 in Pohnpei.

The agreement is the culmination of arduous work by the parties, as well as members of the FSM Congress, the Office of the President, the Department of Finance & Administration, the Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure, and many others including key stakeholders in each of the FSM states.  This agreement establishes the shared use of the sole existing submarine cable to FSM, HANTRU-1, as well as the close cooperation of the parties in the efficient use of the new submarine cables for Yap, Chuuk and Kosrae, and the FSMTC facilities required to connect them to all the states of FSM.  As the provider of international and domestic broadband connectivity solutions to the telecommunications industry in FSM, FSMT Cable Corporation enters this long-term agreement with FSMTC with plans for a long and fruitful relationship with FSMTC, the leading retail telecommunications service provider for FSM,  and, in the future, with other retail telecommunications services providers who may enter the FSM telecommunications market.

Fredy Perman, FSMTC’s CEO, and Adolfo Montenegro, FSMT Cable Corp.’s CEO, attended a brief ceremony where both signed this agreement, which is a major milestone as FSM’s Telecom Sector enters a new and exciting era for the improved connectivity and economic development that comes with faster, more reliable and lower cost broadband service in all of the FSM states.

FSMT Cable Corporation’s CEO Adolfo Montenegro took the opportunity to note the country’s landmark achievement. “I would like to recognize the contributions of the many hard-working individuals, with a vision to improve broadband connectivity for the people of FSM, who tirelessly worked to bring this project to this point. FSMT Cable Corp. expects to have submarine cable connectivity services available to FSMTC within the next 6 months in Yap and Chuuk. We also depend on generous support from FSMTC to ensure the success of the East Micronesia Cable Project, which is planned for FSM to partner with the nations of Kiribati and Nauru to connect a new cable system from Kiribati, Nauru, and Kosrae to Guam via the HANTRU system from Pohnpei.   FSMT Cable Corp. will be managing the completion of these projects as well as additional new projects that will see high speed connectivity available in Yap, Chuuk, Kosrae and Pohnpei for all licensed telecommunications services providers.  Our vision is to become the catalyst for broadband adoption in FSM by actively promoting the use of the broadband infrastructure that is now available.”

“On behalf of the FSMTC Chairman and his fellow Board of Directors, management and its entire staff, would like to thank the President of FSM, Speaker and Members of Congress for their continued support of its very own telecommunications service provider. The signing of the IRU is a major achievement and significant milestone in the history of the telecommunications development, not only for FSM but the Pacific region. Under this agreement, we will set out to demonstrate that even in small island economy we are ready for the challenges of bringing low cost high speed Internet to its users. We look forward to continuing to support the newly established cable corporation and to ensure that the visions of both entities are achieved.” said Fredy Perman, FSMTC CEO


FSM Telecommunications Corporation is a public corporation established under Title 21 of the Code of the Federated States of Micronesia, governed under the laws of the FSM.

 FSMTC operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and the community. Our vision is to provide the best possible modern, cost-effective telecommunications services by consistently satisfying the realistic expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

It is FSMTC's further goal to bring reliable and cost-effective communication services to every household in the FSM. For further information on FSMTC, please visit http://www.fsmtc.fm

FSMT Cable Corporation is a state-owned enterprise established in 2017 to implement, operate and maintain broadband connectivity infrastructure to be provisioned on a wholesale basis to licensed operators. The company is initially responsible for management of over 1,300 Km of submarine cable assets serving the states of Micronesia. The company’s principal office is in Pohnpei, FSM. For further information see our website at: www.fsmcable.com.


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