Volunteers rally to officiate table tennis for 2018 Micro Games

ITTF Training Yap 02 13 2018Colonia, Yap. Technical Training for Table Tennis was the topic of a 14-day workshop at the Yap Sports Complex February 11 – 25.  Participants learned the technical aspects of the sport and gained coaching ​skills for the 2018 Micro Games taking place in Yap this summer. Supported by a $20,000 grant from the International Olympic Committee, the FSM National Olympic Committee hosted the training that was led by Patrick Wuertz, High Performance Officer of the International Table Tennis Federation - ​Oceania.

A former ​semi-​professional table tennis player from Germany who now resides in Melbourne and specializes in​ the development of performance-orientated structures in sport and coaching education, Wuertz explained that the course includes the coaching skills to introduce the sport to beginners, the sport’s rules, tournament organization and competition formats, and information on para table tennis for disabled athletes. “The ITTF was founded in 1926,” he said, “and today it’s the only sport with national federations in 226 countries around the world." First played in Victorian England as an after-dinner parlor game among the upper class, it was introduced as an Olympic sport at the Olympics in 1988.

“We’re still in need of more umpires and volunteers,” Wuertz added. “It’s a fast paced, exciting game for everyone who gets involved.” Free training will be provided prior to the 2018 Micro Games at the Yap Sports Complex for anyone interested in learning more about the sport and how to become an umpire. For more information and to sign up, contact Castro Joab at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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