Kolonia schools visit FSM Congress

By: Richard F. Porter

UntitledWhat started out as an idea by Senator David W. Panuelo introduced to the Principals of Kolonia and Ohmine Public Elementary Schools came to fruition on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.  Nine Students from Kolonia and nine from Ohmine, one from each grade (ECE – 8th grade), for a total of 18 Students were selected as the Student of the Month for the month of January.  During this visit, the Students along with their respective Teachers, School Principals and Vice Principals arrived to the FSM Congressional Chamber to first sit-in during a congressional session where Senator Panuelo, introduced each Student by name and grade they represent for each school.

The 18 Students and Teachers for each school are as follows:


Kolonia Elementary School

  1. Keerson Salter Etse Santos ECE                Cynthia Edwin
  2. Darlan Artui 1st                    Ailina Ezekias
  3. Yulie Aia 2nd                    Mindira Nanoto
  4. Chanielle Carl 3rd                    Ronda Henry
  5. April Jean Hainrick 4th                    Mary Aldis
  6. Evamarie Faith Porter 5th                    Nikita L. Gallen
  7. Omar Kenyon Santos 6th                    Joan Iohp
  8. Anthony Reign Teeson 7th                    Mayleen Wichep
  9. Daphne Rodriquez 8th                    Vanessa Bermanis

Representing Kolonia PTA: Mr. Richard F. Porter

Ohmine Elementary School

  1. Khyra L. Ham ECE                Mary Rettin
  2. Briona Marquez 1st                    Diselina David
  3. Francisco Celestine, Jr. 2nd                    Rihna Solomon
  4. Riona Albert 3rd                    Merfelina Lick
  5. Destiny Esiel 4th                    Edith Helgenberger
  6. Kozel Irons 5th                    Wilynta Anton
  7. Karen Semens 6th                    Brenna Malachi
  8. Ryan Nakasone 7th                    Rose Werthog
  9. N-Trew Solomon 8th                    Sepe Une

Representing Ohmine PTA: Mr. Trevayne Esiel

After witnessing Congress in session, the Students were moved to the Congress Committee Hearing Room and were presented with Certificates by Senators Urusemal and Panuelo and lastly by Speaker Simina.  After this awards presentation, everyone enjoyed a lunch with Speaker Simina, Vice Speaker Moses, Senators Panuelo and Urusemal and Congressman Perman.  The afternoon was topped off with a photo op with Senator Panuelo.  Kolonia Elementary School 8th grader, Daphne Rodriquez is also the winner of the state level Scripps Spelling Bee.

Note:  Richard F. Porter is the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President of Kolonia Elementary School.  Trevayne Esiel is PTA Vice President for Ohmine Elementary School.

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