Weak La Nina cause of heavy rains and winds but should soon subside

By Bill Jaynes

The Kaselehlie Press

March 6, 2018

FSM—For the last few months, residents of the FSM have noticed unseasonably high levels of rainfall, higher than average winds, and higher sea levels. Many have wondered what has been going on and whether or not it will come to an end.

In the FSM, those are precisely the results of La Nina conditions caused by lower than average sea surface temperatures that in the vicinity of the FSM cause wetter and colder weather than the FSM usually experiences at this time of year. Weather services have said that the La Nina conditions have been weak but that doesn’t mean that the results of the environmental conditions haven’t made things a bit more difficult than usual.

Last weekend, the Pohnpei Fishing Club postponed the Tuna Commission’s scheduled fishing tournament due to weather.  They’ve had to delay several tournaments in the last few months though they always plan to curtail tournaments in months when weather is usually capricious.  This year the weather has been unusually capricious due to the weak La Nina conditions.

On Monday morning, traffic was snarled in Kolonia due to very early morning heavy rainfall that drove gravel from the sidewalk project onto the street by the Social Security Administration Pohnpei office, a main intersection in Kolonia’s most populated area.  Early this year, the Pohnpei Department of Education felt compelled to cancel classes in Pohnpei due to the threat of predicted high winds that never developed during the days that schools were closed.

Weather forecasters are predicting that an end is in sight.  The current weak La Nina is predicted to resolve into a neutral position sometime between now and May.

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