WCPFC and CFC sponsor “Kolonia Klassic” fishing tournament in Pohnpei

 MG 5177Pohnpei Fishing Club

March 10, 2018

Pohnpei—After a delay of a week due to weather, the WCPFC and Caroline Fisheries Corporation Kolonia Klassic Fishing tournament took place on March 10.  It was the first tournament for the Pohnpei Fishing Club for 2018.

15 boats participated, and everyone was catching some fish.  Many thanks to the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and Caroline Fisheries Corporation for their sponsorship.

The winners are listed below:


                                                            Species               Weight     Angler

BIGGEST FISH                                   

 1st Biggest                                        Marlin                 125.8lb    Chuck Handy                            $500.00                     

 2nd Biggest                                       Wahoo               46.8lb        Alex Ysam                               $400.00                     

 3rd Biggest                                        Wahoo               32.4lb        Konrad Englberger                  $300.00                     

 4th Biggest                                        Wahoo               28.0lb        Adam Milburn                          $200.00                     

 5th Biggest                                        Barracuda          26.0lb        Kim Duckworth                        $150.00                     


BIGGEST OF THE SPECIES             MG 5173


 1ST                                                                                     13.0lb        Lara Trott                                    $100.00                     


 Mahi Mahi

 1ST                                                                                     13.2lb        Lara Trott                                    $100.00                     

 2ND                                                                                   13.1lb        Welber David                            $ 50.00                      


 Yellowfin Tuna                                                                                                                                                

 1ST                                                                                     13.6lb        Welber David                            $100.00                     


 1ST                                                                                     12.0lb        Daunte Peterson                            $100.00              

 2ND                                                                                    10.4lb        Daunte Peterson                            $ 50.00                



 1ST                                                                                     21.8lb        Oliver Hawley                           $100.00                     

 2ND                                                                                    11.0lb        Daunte Peterson                            $  50.00                               


 MG 5203Lady Angler                                       

 Biggest                                               Wahoo               22.4lb        Bernolina Hedson                   $100.00                     

Junior Angler

 Biggest                                Wahoo 20.0lb    Noah Adams                      $100.00

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