23rd Micronesia Islands Forum (MIF) held in Saipan, CNMI

FSM National Government

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President Peter M. Christian was joinedPresident Peter M. Christian was joinedby the Chuuk Governor Johnson Elimo,Pohnpei Governor Marcelo K. Petersonand Yap Lt. Governor James Yangetmai,and their respective delegations, to Saipan,Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), to attend the 23rd Micronesia Islands Forum (MIF) on April25 – 27, 2018. The MIF is composed of Chief Executives, namely: the Presidents of the Republic of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the four Governors of Chuuk State, Pohnpei State, Yap State,and Kosrae State, and the Governors of the Territory of Guam and CNMI. The Chief Executives met to reaffirm their commitments on behalf of their people and their governments to the Micronesian Region as a whole, in order to establish closer ties among themselves, continued constructive dialogue and cooperation upon issues of mutual interest, and agree upon initiatives that benefit the MIF members and the Micronesian Region.

The Summit was opened by outgoing Chairman of the 22nd MIF, Guam Governor Calvo, on the afternoon of April 25, 2018 and the chairmanship passed onto Governor Torres of CNMI, who officially called the 23rd Micronesia Islands Forum (MIF) held in Saipan, CNMI 23rd MIF Session to order and began his opening statement by welcoming his fellow Chief Executives to Saipan. He highlighted this year’s theme of “Navigating the World as One Micronesia” to promote the family spirit of the Micronesian Islands. FSM President Christian, Palau President Remengesau, RMI President Heine, Guam Governor Calvo, Chuuk Governor Elimo, Pohnpei Governor Peterson, and Yap Lt.Governor Yangetmai gave their opening remarks.

The reports and recommendations from the nine standing committees were given, along with presentations on a number of issues of interest in the region and jointly directed action in the MIF respective jurisdictions and were reflected in the 23rd MIF outcome documents. The MIF agreed on the MIF Secretariat’s deliverables, cooperation on biosecurity, interventions on climate change and telehealth/telemedicine, and promotion and support of increased transportation access. The Forum concluded with the announcing of the 24th MIF venue to be held in Chuuk, closing remarks by the eight Chief Executives, exchange of gifts, and signing of the 23rd Communiqué, Resolutions and Letters on April 27, 2018.

While in Saipan, FSM President, Chuuk and Pohnpei State Governors, and Yap Lt. Governor also met with the FSM citizens residing in Saipan and were hosted by Saipanese families and friends to a Carolinian and Chamorro gathering to celebrate the close ties between the FSM and CNMI cultures. It was announced at the FSM citizen engagement of President Christian’s intent to establish an FSM Honorary Consul in CNMI which would need to be processed through the U.S.Government. He requested the U.S.Government representatives attending the 23rd MIF for an "amicable and expeditious processing and approval, in order to provide valuable services and representation for our citizens residing in our neighboring Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands”.

In the spirit of cooperation in the area of law enforcement and combating transnational crimes, the Presidents of FSM, RMI andPalau signed an agreement establishing the Micronesian Transnational Crime Unit (MTCU), which is hosted by FSM. Members of the MTCU will work together towards operationalizing this unit and will collaborate in achieving its mandate.

Accompanying the President, State Governors and Lt. Governor to the Forum were officials and representatives from the national and state offices, national agencies and national enterprises.

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