Winners announced for two day 25th Annual Pohnpei Fishing Club Tournament

Pohnpei Fishing Club

May 12, 2018

 MG 7921Pohnpei—The 25th Annual Fishing Club Tournament was a very successful fishing tournament.  We had two great days of fishing. While the first day was hot and sultry, the second day was overcast and rainy, and brought up a few big fish.  Still the big fish of the tournament was caught on the first day by Walden Weilbacher, a 195 pound marlin.

We also want to thank our sponsors for this event.  Ambros, Inc., provided the beer, t-shirts and the grand prize a trip for two anglers to Saipan along with entry to the July Saipan fishing derby—a great prize and one that was hard fought.

We also want to thank our other sponsors, Bank of the FSM, MRAG, Ace Hardware, LP Gas, Etscheit Enterprises, Blue Nile, Pohnpei Port Authority, Panuelo Enterprises, Panuelo Gas Station, POP Fishing & Marine, Pohnpei Surf Club, Mangrove Bay, FSM Telecom, CTSI.  We had great support from our sponsors.

22 boats entered the two day tournament.  It was a very good turnout and we had lots of prizes to give away.

Below is the list of winners:

Grand prize - most points from point fish by boat over the 2days  MG 7941                                                               

2 roundtrip tickets –Happier Hooker, Walden Weilbacher, Captain - total boat point fish- 290points


The grand prize was awarded as a boat prize with two lucky anglers from the winning boat going to Saipan.

The winner was determined by the most weight in point fish caught on one boat over the two day tournament. Happier Hooker won with 290 points which consisted of a 195 pound marlin, Walden Weilbacher, a 48 pound YF, Walden Weilbacher, a 25.5 pound YF, Thomas Beckmann, and a 21.0 pound GT, Damian Semens. 

Congratulations to Happier Hooker.

The other prizes were for big fish.  Since the grand prize was a boat prize, these same fish could be used in the individual categories.

TWO DAYS TOURNAMENT                                                                                                                                                                  


Regular Prizes:                                                                                                                                                                                          

 MG 80381st Biggest Fish: $550 & $100 Gift Certificate (Gc) - Walden Weilbacher - 195lb Marlin                                               

2nd Biggest Fish: $450 &  $100 Gc - Jun Apis - 132.5lb Marlin                                                                                                  

3rd Biggest Fish: $350 & $100 Gc - Marcella Hawley- 109.5lb Yellowfin                                                                              

4th Biggest Fish: $250 & $50 Gc - Welber David - 82.5lb Yellowfin                                                                                        

5th Biggest Fish: $200 & $50 Gc - Mark Johnny - 78.2lb Yellowfin                                                                                         

6th Biggest Fish: $150 & $50 Gc - Marihno Mihkel - 59LB  Yellowfin                                                                                     

7th Biggest Fish: $100 & $50 Gc - Mike Sorbel -56.5LB Yellowfin                                                                                           



1st Biggest Yellowfin: $100 Gc - Walden Weilbacher - 48LB      MG 7996                                                                                               

2nd Biggest Yellowfin: $50 Gc - Andy Musrasrik - 31LB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

1st Biggest Skip Jack: $100 Gc - Welber David - 21.5LB                                                                                                              

2nd Biggest Skip Jack: $50 Gc - Emerald Eperiam - 12LB                                                                                                           


1st Biggest Wahoo: $100 Gc - Konrad Englberger - 20.2LB                                                                                                       

2nd Biggest Wahoo: $50 Gc - Isaiah Hawley - 17.1LB                                                                                                                 


 MG 79251st Biggest Mahimahi: $100 Gc - Mark Fiqueras - 16.5LB                                                                                                          

2nd Biggest Mahimahi: $50 Gc - Tommy Reiher - 14.5LB                                                                                                          


1st Biggest Barracuda: $100 Gc - Robinson(Psc) - 42LB                                                                                                             

2nd Biggest Barracuda: $50 Gc - Esperanza Guiuan - 26LB                                                                                                       


First Lady Angler: $100 Gc - Niki Peterson - 41.8LB Yf                                                                                                                

2nd Lady Angler: $50 Gc & Small Cellphone - Esperanza Guiuan - 34LB Dogtooth


First Jr Angler: Mi Cellphone - Dane Nighswander - 20.2LB Barracuda MG 7936                                                                         

Second Jr Angler: Small Cellphone - Neelo - 12.5LB Barracuda                                                                                              

Congratulations to all the winners.  The prizes were spread around pretty well.  Every boat received a twelve pack of Budweiser for each day they went out.  Also all anglers received t-shirts donated by Ambros, Inc.  Many of our sponsors donated gift certificates which were distributed to the winners as shown above.

We also want to thank everyone who helped out including Bill, Paul, Tina and Praise, along with Kumer’s guys and anyone else not mentioned.  We can’t do it without support from the club.

The boats also received hot dogs and there was more free food during the awards.  There was a good party at Mangrove Bay, (thanks Mangrove) and the anglers all seemed to have a good time.

A final winner was announced, when we called up the boats that didn’t win a prize. Each captain drew a lottery ticket and the prize was $200.00 in gas donated by PPA.  We won’t disclose who won this prize, since we don’t need to mention the boats that did not win a prize.  It was good fun though.

 MG 8060Everyone had a good time, but I was pretty tired after two days of fishing.  I think everyone got a well-deserved shower then curled up with their twelve pack of Budweiser.

We want to thank our sponsors again.  Ambros, Inc. Bank of the FSM, MRAG, Ace Hardware, LP Gas, Etscheit Enterprises, Blue Nile, POP Fishing & Marine, Pohnpei Port Authority, Panuelo Enterprises, Panuelo Gas Station, Pohnpei Surf Club, Mangrove Bay, FSM Telecom, CTSI.

The next tournament is the Vital tournament on June 9.

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