Letter to the Editor: Former FSM President on Dual Citizenship act

My Fellow FSM Citizens:
I write this Open Letter to you to share my deep concern about the proposed amendment to Section 3 of Article III of our national constitution. This current provision of our national constitution requires that an FSM citizen who is also a citizen of another country should “register his intent to remain a citizen” of our country, the Federated States of Micronesia, and “renounce his citizenship of another nation” within 3 years of his 18th birthday. In plain English, it means that a minor who holds a dual citizenship of Federated States of Micronesia and the United States, for example, because he or she was born in the United States to parents who are both FSM citizens or one was FSM citizen must register his or her intent to remain FSM citizen before he or she reaches 21 years old. If he or she fails to register as FSM citizen he or she will no longer be FSM citizen, but he or she will remain as a FSM national. A national is a person who remains in FSM, but does not have the right to run for public office and participate in state and national election.

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Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to all the FSM Post Office Staff

JAN 2017

Many Kosraeans believe that FSM Post Office Postmaster General Ginger MIDA deserves some sort of Medal for the effort she made to ensure Christmas mail to Kosrae actually arrived before Christmas.
Because of loading limitations on United flights this festive season, mail and parcel delivery for many weeks has been reduced. Over 10,000 lbs of Christmas mail and parcels was being backlogged in other centers and unable to reach Kosrae.
So Postmaster General Ginger got on the phone, made numerous calls, pulled some strings and arranged a special flight to deliver mail to Kosrae, 2 days before Christmas. She also arranged for two Pohnpei FSM Post Office workers to come to Kosrae and assist local staff sort mail. There was so much backlogged mail, that workers stayed until 12 midnight on Friday December 23 and all day Saturday, just to sort mail to ensure everyone received their Chrismas Gifts.
However, if those good deeds by Postmaster General Ginger, Kosrae and Pohnpei Post Office Staff were not enough, a further surprise was waiting for Kosraeans who went to their local Post Office very late on Friday night. There was Ginger, sleeves rolled up and helping in the sorting of parcels. Congratulations to all the FSM Post Office Staff, in particular Postmaster General Ginger for their efforts to make Christmas a joyous time for everyone in Kosrae.
Timothy Fenlon

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Letter to the Editor: Petrol Prices

Dear Editor:
Did you know that the FSM Petroleum Corporation has twice reduced its prices for the petroleum products it sold to the Gas Stations?
The first reduction was 15 cents and the subsequent one was equally in similar amount translating to a 30 cents overall reduction. In doing such a generous approach, the FSM Petroleum Corporation respectfully challenged management of the pump stations to pass on the same rate reduction to the customers which is the general public or all of us. This is the advantage of our five governments in the nation owning the corporation. I thank you PetroCorp for such an act living up to your resolute obligation. This corporation has a role in making sure that the price of its services is not burdensome to the people as I pointed out in my previous letter to you as published in the newspaper. It is an obligation for all our public corporations’ long unforgotten purpose to undertake to benefit the people they serve. The plea of our FSM Corporation to the pump stations is to reduce their prices by the same amount it sold to them was an unprecedented or unheard tradition of business dealings. The challenge made by our corporation to the managements of the pump stations to reduce their prices at the same amount is presumably a strong indication that the pump stations are making tremendous profits. Otherwise such challenge would not be a feasible business practice imposed externally. The prices of a gallon of gasoline at the pump stations then were $3.95 to $4.00 inclusive of their markups.

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