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Pasifika Renaissance Shares over 200 Narrative Videos of Pohnpei State on YouTube

NGO Pasifika Renaissance - YouTube Channel

Dr. Takuya Nagaoka (Executive Director, NGO Pasifika Renaissance)
Pasifika Renaissance was established in September 2014 in Japan as an NGO, with a mission to preserve and promote cultural and historical heritage in the Pacific Islands. We aim to revitalize traditional culture and empower local communities. We work in three main fields: documenting, researching, and teaching about traditional cultures and cultural heritage; providing technical assistance to relevant agencies and organizations; and promoting tourism. You can find out more at our Facebook page ( PasifikaRenaissance/), where we post cultural and historical information such as historical photos and educational materials and share updates on our organization’s activities.
We are currently engaged in a major project to document oral tradition in Pohnpei State. Many older Micronesians have fond childhood memories of listening to stories told by elderly relatives before bed. This practice, however, has been largely lost in Pohnpei due to the spread of new media such as videos and games and the decline of the younger generation’s interest in traditional culture.
In order to document stories from knowledgeable elders and pass them down to younger generations, Pasifika Renaissance began filming those stories in 2015 sharing the videos on our YouTube channel with kind permission from the FSM Office of National Archives, Culture and Historic Preservation. This method of documenting and sharing traditional knowledge through online media is rare in the Pacific Islands. However, we believe that it has a great potential for future applications due to the relative ease of use and the Internet’s global reach. Our project has been welcomed and supported by traditional chiefs, elders and other community members, who share our concern that traditional knowledge could be lost.
We are very happy to announce that we have now uploaded more than 200 narrative videos on our YouTube channel ( These stories include legends, traditional tales, historical events, customs, chants and songs from Pohnpei (9 videos), Pingelap (69), Mwoakilloa (11), Sapwuahfik (60), Nukuoro (25), and Kapingamarangi (24), as well as two island groups of Chuuk State: the Mortlock Islands (10) and Namonuito (7). Soon, we hope to add more videos from Pohnpei, where we began our work just this year in collaboration with the Division of Historic Preservation and Cultural Affairs, Pohnpei State Department of Land.
Our YouTube channel has attracted over 150,000 views. Of these views, 78.5% are from United States, where one third of FSM citizens now reside. 12% of our views come from within the FSM. Our YouTube channel has now reached 1,250 views per day, which we believe suggests a keep interest in these stories.
We would like to thank our storytellers and others who have supported this project, as well as generous donors such as the KDDI Foundation in Japan. We hope by watching these videos, people can continue to pass on these stories to their children and younger relatives.
If you would like to contribute stories or know someone who is willing to share stories with us, please contact us at or by phoning the above Division (320-2652). If you have a knowledgeable elderly relative or friend staying overseas and have the ability to record his/her story via cellphone, tablet or digital camera, please let us know. Please follow us on Facebook and our YouTube channel to receive updates as this project develops.
We plan to extend this project to other states in the FSM and other Pacific regions in the near future, and hope to collaborate with researchers, government agencies, NGOs, and community members. Please get in touch, and let us know how you can help spread this “renaissance” movement!

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New JICA Volunteers dispatched to Pohnpei and Kosrae

On March 30th FSM Department of Foreign Affairs welcomed 2 new JICA Volunteers to the Federated States of Micronesia. For more than twenty-eight years, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been dispatching volunteers to the FSM, assisting priority sectors in Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism and other fields.
The new Senior Volunteer dispatched to Pohnpei, FSM National Olympic Committee (NOC) is Mr. Takahashi Akifumi who will be assisting with Swimming for Pohnpei and the swimmers in order to attend Japan Olympic Games in 2020. The new JOCV Mr. Noguchi Gen will be dispatched to Kosrae and is assigned to Utwe Elementary School to teach Mathematics.
Currently, 13 volunteers; 8 Senior Volunteers (SV) and 5 JOCVs (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer), are serving in the FSM including the new volunteers. Most of them will serve two years in their respective posts. The aim of the volunteer program is to develop a better life for the local people and community.

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Network of partners help fund medical treatment for 2 youth


Living on a little island in the middle of the Pacific where there is no specialty doctor to attend to your life-threatening condition can bring anyone to a point of defeat and hopelessness. Especially if there are budget cuts for off-island medical referral cases. Especially if your family has zero health insurance, and minimum wage is painfully at $1.75 an hour. Defeat. Hopelessness. Such was Juntwo’s case not so long ago.
For more than 10 years, Juntwo struggled with a debilitating kidney condition. With each passing year, it became more difficult for Juntwo to function normally due to the increasing, painful attacks. Eventually her condition got so severe that she was unable to attend school and she became very weak. In late 2016, the hospital diagnosed Juntwo and recommended off-island medical referral because there is no urologist in Pohnpei who can provide the life-saving surgery she needed. MAHI International learned of Juntwo’s situation and wanted to help. She became MAHI International’s first medical referral to the U.S.

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Pohnpei Public Library 30 year anniversary and Library Week

public libraryThis year Pohnpei Public Library celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a “Library Week,” from Monday, April 24 to Friday, April 28. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Libraries Transform”. Two Organizations took part during the week to share some of their promotional program. On April 25, Island Food Community of Pohnpei (IFCP) did a presentation on the importance of our local food. On April 27, International Organization of Migration (IOM) shared how to prepare for emergency kit for disaster. In addition, snacks and prizes were provided to participants on these events.
On Friday evening, the library held a special celebration to commemorate the anniversary and to recognize essay and art contest winners. This event began with a prayer by Wahnporon Bruce Robert. Friends of the Pohnpei Public Library (FPPL) President, Rufino Mauricio PhD, who is also the Director of FSM National Archives gave a welcoming remarks. This year, library was fortunate to have Emelihter Kihleng, PhD, Cultural Anthropologist for the Pohnpei State Historic Preservation Program, to be the Keynote Speaker of the evening. On her speech, she shared her story throughout her childhood and how books had transformed her. She shared some books that she read and suggested everyone to read. She also shared a poem she recently wrote.

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Kitti Municipal Locally Managed Marine Area


On Tuesday, May 2nd, a short signing ceremony took place on the island of Peniou, Kitti Municipality, for the adoption and endorsement of the Kitti Municipal Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) Coastal Fisheries Management Plan. This plan will serve as a critical step in guiding the development of the local government's coastal resources. The endorsed document contains actions that address fisheries management priorities identified through consultation conducted with the Local Government Representatives. The plan also supports development objectives intended to maintain a more sustainable and productive coastal environment. Attendees of the official endorsement ceremony were the Soukisoahloang Nahnmwarki of Kitti (Kitti Paramount Chief) Nahnalek Kitti, Luhkenmoanlap (Mayor of Kitti) Tonio Sarapio with staff of Kitti Municipal Government, Speaker of Kitti Isokohnedi (Kitti Council) Sother Anthon, Chairman of Kitti Delegation, Pohnpei State Legislature Senator McGarry Miguel, community members from Enipein, Partnering NGO's from The Micronesian Conservation Trust, RARE Micronesia, donor representatives from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Conservation Society of Pohnpei.

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Congress to convene new 20th Body

PALIKIR, POHNPEI – May 05, 2017. The Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia will convene on May 11, 2017, in Palikir to seat the recently elected two-year representatives of the states to the Nation’s twentieth congressional body.
According to the recent elections in March 2017, the following elected two-year Senators will be seated to represent their states in the 20th Congress. Representing the municipalities and regions in the State of Chuuk are:
1.Florencio Singkoro Harper, to represent Congressional Election District (ED)- One, comprised of the Mortlocks Islands;
2.Victor Gouland, for Congressional ED-Two, comprised of Weno and Northern Namoneas;
3.Derensio S. Konman, to represent Congressional ED-Three made up of the Tonoas, Uman, Fefan, Parem and Tsis of;
4.Tiwiter Aritos, for Congressional ED-Four or also known as the Faichuuk Region; and
5.Robson Romolow, as representative of Congressional ED-Five also known as the Halls and Western Islands, and Namonuito.
Two year representatives from the State of Pohnpei are:
1.Ferny S. Perman, for Congressional ED-One comprised of Kolonia, Sokehs, Sapwuahfik, Nukuoro and Kapingamarangi;
2.Dion G. Neth, for Congressional ED-Two made up of Madolenihmw and Kitti; and
3.Esmond B. Moses, for Congressional ED-Three comprised of U, Nett, Mwoakilloa and Pingelap.
Paliknoa K. Welly from the State of Kosrae and Isaac V. Figir of the State of Yap are the two-year representatives of their respective states to the new congressional body.
Also to be seated to the 20th Congress are the At-large or four-year representatives of the states and they are:
1.Wesley W. Simina from Chuuk;
2.Alik L. Alik from Kosrae;
3.David W. Panuelo from Pohnpei; and
4.Joseph J. Urusemal Yap.
The general public is invited to witness the Opening Session of the new Twentieth Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia in Palikir at 10am on Thursday - May 11, 2017. Through the services of the FSM Telecommunications Corporations and the assistances of the Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corporation, the event will be streamed live from Palikir through the state radios.

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Endorsement of the Weloy Forest Stewardship Plan

The Weloy municipal chief, James Manguon, along with his council men (traditional village’s chiefs) convened in Ramaan, Okaw in Yap on April 13, 2017 to sign and endorse their Forest Stewardship Plan. This is the first Forest Stewardship Plan developed in Yap State counting towards the Micronesia Challenge terrestrial measure goal. This planning document will serve as initial guidance for the Weloy municipality in their efforts towards their natural resource and community management actions. This will be a living document that the community will update in 2020. Within the initial 3 years, the community targets to implement activities to achieve 2 goals identified in the plan: (1) Conservation and effective management of natural and other significant resources within the Weloy Forest Stewardship focus area. (2) Foster good stewardship awareness and education campaign for Weloy.
This community effort was made possible with the financial assistance provided by Micronesia Conservation Trust (MCT), USDA-Forest Services, and technical assistance by the local partners, Yap Community Action Program, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Yap State Division of Agriculture, Micronesia Challenge Regional Coordinator and Yap Institute of Natural Science.

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